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11 Tools You Should Consider Taking Along on Your Next Ghost Hunting Trip

Ghost Hunting

When it comes to your ghost-hunting gear, there might be a lot of questions in your mind. For instance, which tool do you need? How much does it cost? Should I buy all the stuff at once or piecemeal? Don’t worry; we’ve got all your answers in this handy guide. We’ll go over everything from batteries and flashlights to binoculars and a Ghost Box. So read on and find out the essential tools you must take on your ghost-hunting trip:


There are several features you need to look for in a flashlight. It needs to be bright but not too bright, so you can see what’s around you without damaging your eyesight. The light beam needs to project in a wide area so that you don’t have blind spots when looking at a place where something may be hiding. The flashlight also needs to be durable. It should also be water-resistant. Finally, ensure your flashlight has good battery life because you don’t want it to die when one ghostly apparition shows up.

The Ghost Box

The Ghost Box is a device that allows you to record EVPs (electronic voice phenomena) from spirits in the room. It sends signals into the air and records disturbances on its internal condenser microphone. You’ll need to place it where there are no distractions like people talking nearby, music playing loudly on TV speakers, etc., so it can pick up clear sounds from spirits around you. If you are still trying to figure out where to get this tool for your ghost-hunting trip, you can buy it from Spiritshack, a store that has serviced renowned ghost hunters around the globe, such as The Paranormal Files and Ghosts of Britain.

Digital Camera

You will want to take a digital camera on your next ghost-hunting trip. A digital camera is perfect for documenting your experience and sharing it with friends and family. You can use it to photograph the location you’re at, as well as any evidence you find (i.e., footprints). You can also take pictures of yourself or friends in action, so they all have memories of their time spent with you at an investigation site.

Motion Detector

A motion detector is an electronic device that detects movement in a particular area. It sends a signal into the environment and identifies changes in that signal. When it detects something moving, it sends another signal telling you what’s happening.

Digital Thermometer and Hygrometer

A digital thermometer is a must-have for any ghost hunter, allowing you to measure the air temperature. It can pick up any temperature fluctuations around you, commonly reported at haunted places. Make sure to buy a digital thermometer that reads the ambient temperature.

Tape Measure

A tape measure is a must-have tool during a ghost-hunting trip. You can measure the dimensions of rooms, doors, furniture, and objects. It’s also helpful to know how long a thing or person is tall or wide when standing still.

Binoculars and Telescope

Binoculars and telescopes are great tools for seeing things from a distance. These tools can be used to gather information about paranormal activity in the area. Also, these tools can help you look for your fellow ghost hunters on the trip to keep track of them in case there is no mobile network coverage.


When recording sound using a digital audio recorder or phone, investing in a pair of high-quality headphones is crucial. Over-the-ear headphones are the best option for playback of high-quality sound and protection against additional noise pollution. Besides, using earbuds on your ghost-hunting trip must be the last option. Avoid using the speaker on your digital recorder or phone.

Thermal Camera

In the past, thermal cameras were highly sought after by paranormal investigators due to their high cost and ability to produce compelling evidence. Capturing thermal images of human-like shapes or anomalies, and ruling out thermal reflections or self-radiation, provides solid proof of paranormal activity.

A thermal camera is also one of the most versatile tools to capture video footage and identify locations and objects that appear on infrared screens.

EMF Gauge

An EMF (electromagnetic field) gauge is a device that measures the levels of electromagnetic energy in the environment. It can be used for many purposes, including detecting ghost activity. The electromagnetic signals and fluctuations can help you witness any ghostly apparitions.


Journals are a great way to record your experiences on a ghost-hunting trip. If you like to keep everything in one place, keeping a journal can be an excellent way to organize your findings. You can also use the book to write down what you’ve seen and heard during an investigation.


A ghost hunt kit in your car is a good idea, but it’s optional. You only need essential tools and a few extra supplies. If you want to be prepared for everything, go over the article and list of things provided. They cover everything you may need during your ghost-hunting trip.

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