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11 Things About Digital Marketing Every Business Student Needs to Know

Digital Marketing Every Business Student Needs

The year 2020 was revolutionary for many areas of business. Revenues fell and sales of products and services went online. The rules have changed and there is a completely new reality to which companies must adapt. 

Digital marketing becomes the most important way to attract customers and increase income. But what tools bring the best results? Read on – in this article, we’ve collected 11 of them. 

No doubt, implementing the instruments mentioned further takes time and effort. Meanwhile, the amount of college assignments seems to grow with every semester. So, if you are thinking about finding help on homework online – don’t worry. You can easily find reliable professionals who can finish your paper on time and relieve you from stressing over upcoming deadlines.


Clients have always highly appreciated the chance to solve a problem and receive feedback from the company 24/7. And that is why chatbots are irreplaceable these days. The number of their functions grows. Now, chatbots can conduct dialogues, address customer requests, collect data, and analyze clients’ needs.

Voice Search

No doubt, using audio messages greatly simplifies our life, as it saves time. One no longer needs to type – it’s enough just to say what you need. The same goes not only for messages, but also for Internet search too.

For customers, this search method is no longer just entertainment. More and more people turn to Google, Alice and Siri to receive what they look for. Therefore, it is important to optimize content not only for text but also for voice search.

Artificial Intelligence

Previously, many treated AI as a scary technology from the movies about the future. But now its role in marketing and business can hardly be overestimated. Artificial intelligence helps to analyze data and clients’ needs, offer them targeted ads, track sales, improve communication and predict customers’ behavior. 

Shoppable Content

It all started with Instagram posts when companies offered to find out the product’s price at once and go to the store. Now, this tool has revolutionized, as engaging content is directly connected to sales. More and more brands make it possible to learn more details about the product and buy it really quickly via their social media account. 

Videos Rule The World

We all adore watching videos since they are entertaining. It would be a fatal mistake not to use such content, as videos are perceived by the brain much easier than texts or photos.

During self-isolation, users increased the average time spent on YouTube and TikTok. Live broadcasts on Instagram, Netflix and dozens of other online platforms helped us to fill the free time with something engaging. 

Interestingly, more and more users turn to YouTube when they need a search engine. When they search for content like «How To?», YouTube displays hundreds of videos. And this has a strong influence on marketing. 


Another way to reach your target audience is to promote audio ads. People listen to podcasts practically everywhere – when driving, jogging, or even during daily activities. So, be sure not to ignore this type of content.


Brands want to be closer to customers. In fact, this is the task of digital marketing – to make communication accessible, simple and convenient. Messengers allow brands to keep in touch with their clients, inform them about new products and promotions, and receive feedback too. 

Thus, earlier we used WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger just as apps for chatting with friends, but now they are the connecting link between brands and audience.

Users get used to the fact that they will get an answer immediately in any case and via a channel that is suitable for them. Earlier, such contacts were an advantage, but now they are simply necessary. By communicating with a client one-on-one, you emphasize their importance and increase loyalty. 

Personal Data Protection

One of the key problems of our time is personal data security. People are more and more concerned about their safety on the Internet and are less likely to share information. Therefore, it is important to protect the clients’ privacy. Companies are also encouraged to raise awareness of the audience, opening up about their methods of collecting and using personal data. All of this increases the credibility of the brand.


Perhaps one of the ways to get people interested in a product is to make them feel heard. Try involving customers in a discussion, ask them questions. Willingness to receive feedback gives you a huge amount of room for improvement. Both comments and reviews on the website and social networks are valuable sources of information.

Digital Marketing Students


The way brands collaborate with influencers has changed. Now it’s not enough to find a popular blogger and establish long-term cooperation with them. More and more companies prefer to work with micro-influencers who are trusted by a limited yet active audience. 

It’s crucial to make sure the users are ready to follow the blogger’s advice. When choosing an influencer, look not at the number of subscribers, but primarily at their activity and the quality of the content. 

A micro-influencer might have from 10 to 100 thousand subscribers. With such an audience, it’s easier to keep in touch and create a loyal, friendly community. In addition, small blogs are often devoted to a narrow topic (say psychology, sports, beauty, art, etc.). This helps to understand which offers will be of particular interest to a blogger.


Stories can easily be called ephemeral content, as they are available throughout the 24 hours only. Due to this time limit, this type of content is associated with the need for instant reaction. This encourages consumers to make a buying decision faster.

In Conclusion

There’s one rule that is extra important for all the tools mentioned above – personalization.

Of course, no one likes when their social media feed is disrupted by random, aggressive ads. Now all brands are interested not only in standard customer data (age, place of residence, and so on), but the kind of content they are drawn to.

This information allows one to adjust the ad’s style to the user’s feed more organically. Big data and analytics help predict customer behavior. That is how brands know what clients want even before they realize their desires.

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