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11 Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Myths


Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Myths Busted: Separating Fact from Fiction

Carpet and upholstery cleaning are daily tasks for homeowners in Riverside. Still, you may have heard different information about it. And you may have a hard time separating the truth from fiction. 

So we have come up with this blog debunking some common carpet and upholstery cleaning myths in Riverside. Read it to know the complete truth.

  • You Don’t Need To Clean New Carpets & Upholstery

The myth says you don’t need to clean new carpets and upholstery as they have protective films around them. But this protection wears off sooner than you think. Due to this, dirt, grime, and stains start gathering on the fabrics again.

Also, many new carpets and upholstery contain harmful VOCs that affect your health.  So you should get your carpet and furniture cleaned at least once 9-12 months after installing them. And once or twice every year after that.

  • You Should Only Clean The Carpet & Upholstery If They Look Dirty

When your carpet and furniture don’t look dirty, you don’t need to clean them, right? It is what this myth says. While visible dirt and dust are good indicators of the cleaning need, sometimes the problem goes deeper. 

Some dirt, dust, and grime particles gather directly inside the carpet fibers. But they aren’t visible. These particles make the fabric dirty and cause wear and tear. In cities like Riverside, with dry climate, this problem is worse.

So hire experts for carpet cleaning in Riverside whether the fabrics look dirty or not. They will remove both surface dirt and the one gathered inside the fabrics.  It will make your furniture and carpet truly clean.

  • You Can Clean All Carpet & Upholstery Fabrics With Same Method

It is impossible to get results by cleaning carpet and furniture fabrics with the same method. Due to this, different fabrics need cleaning methods that suit their material.

For example, you can use steam cleaning to clean carpets & upholstery made of nylon. But if you try the same method on woolen ones, you will damage them. 

So you should look for the perfect cleaning method for your fabric type and clean it with that. Doing so will give the results and prevent damage to the carpet and furniture fabrics.

  • Carpets & Upholstery Get Dirty Faster After Cleaning

This myth is only true if you hire the wrong cleaners to clean your carpet and furniture in Riverside. They leave behind a sticky residue. And that attracts dirt, grime, and allergens.

Due to this, your carpet and upholstery look dirtier than before.  To avoid this issue, you should only hire skilled experts for carpet and upholstery cleaning in Riverside. They will clean the fabrics with care and pay attention to the details.

Doing so will reduce the chances of any unwanted residue after cleaning. And protect your carpet from getting dirty.

  • Cleaning Will Shrink The Carpet & Upholstery

It only happens when the experts wet the fabrics too much. Due to this, the water reaches the backing and causes it to swell.  It leads to the shrinking of carpet and furniture fibers.

But it is easy to prevent this by hiring the right carpet cleaning company. The experts will only use a small amount of water to clean the fabrics, thus preventing shrinkage.

Also, many carpets and furniture have water-proof backing to protect fibers from shrinking. All of this proves that cleaning is safe for carpets and upholstery.

  • DIY Cleaning Will Give Better Results Than Professionals

Homeowners in Riverside think they can get better results with DIY cleaning. But that’s not true. While it can help maintain the carpet and furniture fabrics, it cannot clean them as the experts can.

You can only target surface dirt and dust by cleaning the fabric yourself. But the particles inside these fibers will remain untouched. So you will need to hire professional carpet cleaning services in Riverside to clean them.

They have the right tools and machines for removing deeply stuck dirt and dust particles. They can also clean stubborn stains that you can’t. So it proves that hiring experts is better than DIY cleaning.

  • Strong Cleaners Provide Better Cleaning

You may have heard this myth that strong cleaners can remove any stain. While that might be true, the myth doesn’t say that these cleaners can damage the fabric themselves.

It is why you should avoid using chemical cleaners to clean the carpet and furniture fabrics. These cleaners can discolor fibers and cause damage. Instead, you should use green cleaners. These can clean the carpets without causing extra damage.

Also, you should hire a cleaning company that uses these green cleaners. With this, you can ensure that your carpet doesn’t get damaged.

  • Cleaning Can’t Reduce Wear & Tear

Wear and tear occur naturally in fabrics due to aging. But dirt and grime make this process much faster. So if you think that cleaning can’t add years to your carpet’s and furniture’s life, you are wrong. 

Regular cleaning removes dirt, dust, and grime and prevents their entry into the fabrics. As a result, these particles are unable to cause any damage. Also, cleaning lowers the need to replace carpets and furniture and saves money.

  • Renting A Machine Will Give Good Results

Many homeowners fall for this myth and get scammed. They decide to rent a cleaning machine from a store instead of hiring experts. This machine doesn’t clean the fabrics. It makes them dirtier.

Due to the surface cleaning, it does make the fabrics look cleaner. So you think that the machine works. But it leaves more dirt and grime on the fabric than it cleans.  Also, it may contain residue from earlier cleaning due to lack of cleaning.

  • Vacuuming Can Damage Carpet & Upholstery

Anything in excess is harmful, and the same is true for vacuuming. But you will have to vacuum the carpet and furniture fabrics 9-10 times every week to see any damage. Most people hardly clean their carpets and upholstery once a week, so the chances of that happening are slim.

Still, to be safe, only vacuum the fabric 2-3 times weekly to see results without damage. Also, use the right tools with your vacuum for better cleaning and less wear and tear.

  • Professional Cleaning Will Damage The Fabrics

Only the wrong cleaning methods harm the carpet. So if you are hiring experts that don’t have the right skills, it will lead to damage. But most of the time, carpet cleaning by experts gives good results. It is why doing proper research before hiring experts is required to avoid side effects.

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