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11 Big Data Analytics Companies in Singapore That You Cannot Ignore

According to Francis Fong, the Managing Director of SAS Singapore, analytics has always played an important role in the extraction of in-depth insights by businesses for decision making. With the government’s Smart Nation vision, the role of big data analytics in the country can only increase. Even as this is happening, there are 10 Big Data analytics companies that you can no longer ignore.

1) Aureus Analytics

Aureus Analytics was founded in 2013. It is a customer intelligence and experience company that allows banks and insurance companies to optimize customer experience. The company delivers actionable insights at the point of decision by leveraging machine learning and predictive analytics technologies. Aureus Analytics has branch offices in Mumbai and New York.

2) Lynx Analytics

Lynx Analytics was founded in 2010 by a group of professionals and students from INSEAD.  The company has a platform that uses technology to analyse data graphs, therefore, helping clients to prevent financial fraud, reduce customer churn, accelerate medical research or optimize traffic management. The company received the 2015 Frost & Sullivan New Product Innovation Award.

3) Indium Software

Indium Software, a leading technology solutions firm was established in the year 1999.With registered offices in Singapore and Malaysia, Indium caters to customers across SE Asia. Indium delivers solutions across Big Data, Advanced Analytics, Data Engineering, Application Development and QA. Indium’s domain expertise ranges across sectors such as Banking and Finance, Healthcare, Retail & E-commerce, Gaming and many more. Indium’s product based solutions include which is creating waves in the world of text analytics.

4) InfoTrie

InfoTrie is a financial engineering and consulting company founded in 2012. Its areas of expertise are artificial intelligence, information systems, quantitative modelling and financial engineering. The company leverages big data technology to help financial institutions to make use of the much unstructured data from social media, blogs, news, reports and transcripts.

5) Crayon Data

Crayon Data was founded in 2015 and is one of the fastest growing big data analytics companies in Singapore. Its Maya platform can store, analyse and map the tastes of millions of customers enabling its clients to deliver personalized choices to their customers. Crayon Data serves clients in the financial services and hospitality sectors.

6) Nugit

Nugit was founded in 2013.  It combines artificial intelligence, beautiful vitualisations and natural language generation to help marketers make smart decisions. The company simplifies complex data and turns it into clear data insights, therefore, optimising people’s experience.

7) Sparkline

Sparkline was founded in 2012. It focuses on mobile, web and social analytics, helping companies transform towards a data centric framework. Sparkline provides businesses with insights into their customers’ behaviour by interpreting large data sets.

8) Plunify

Plunify was established in 2009. The company employs data analytics and machine learning technologies to create new capabilities for FPGA design in its standalone tool namely Intime. Plunify has been of great significance in the chip industry.

9) Tookitaki

Tookitaki was established in 2014. Its decision support system based on artificial intelligence is revolutionizing predictive modelling. Its main goal is to help companies break from the less efficient rule based applications to adaptive systems.

10) Sift Analytics

Unlike the rest of the companies on this list, Sift Analytics is quite old having been established in 1999. It delivers solutions across areas of business intelligence, predictive analytics, enterprise marketing management, enterprise planning & budgeting and enterprise content management. Sift Analytics helps businesses obtain clear and actionable insight into their current performance. It serves more than 500 clients and has a strong presence in the ASEAN region.

11)  Visenze

Visenze makes use artificial intelligence to make shopping experience interesting. Its main solutions include search by image, automated product tagging and offering visually similar product searches. Some of its clients include Myntra-an Indian e-tailor, Lazada, ASOS and the Japanese e-commerce platform Rakuten.

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