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11 Best Mobile App Developers in Los Angeles in 2023

Do you need a mobile app developer for your company in Los Angeles? You do have a rational plan for the mobile application you wish to create. Additionally, you might own the design for it. The best mobile app developers in Los Angeles who provide excellent services for both Android and iPhone app development have been compiled into a list.

AFX Web Studios

The app developers in Los Angeles from AFX Web Studios are experts ready to provide top-notch app development. They offer comprehensive mobile app development services, covering everything from UI/UX design to the integration of functionality and features to strong back-end development.

You can rely on AFX Web Studio to help you create, design, and market your product swiftly because they have been around for a while.


CitrusBits is an app developer in Los Angeles, popularly known as “the king of apps.”. The organization does a great job of developing dynamic and captivating mobile experiences that aim to invigorate any business’s future. An experienced group of professionals who have produced winning mobile apps supports CitrusBits. The business develops top-notch UI and UX apps that connect with target audiences and produce positive results for clients.


The complex mobile and web development company Cleveroad offers a custom business solution. The software company employs a skilled staff that produces UX/UI, graphics, and online apps while offering 100% quality assurance. For businesses operating in the fitness industry, social networking platforms, B2C marketplaces, and numerous sports networks, Cleveroad has managed highlighted projects.

Dogtown Media

To produce apps that are at the forefront of their industries, Dogtown Media, a mobile technology studio, uses disruptive design strategies and dynamic development. The company has created more than 250 mobile apps to date across a range of industries, such as artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, and healthcare app development.

Goji Labs

Los Angeles-based Goji Labs is a company that creates websites and mobile applications. They were established in 2014, and a staff of roughly 30 assists with the product launch process across a wide range of markets, from commercial services to education. They collaborate with a range of customers, including startups, companies, and organizations, and provide services in product strategy, UX/UI design, mobile apps, and IoT development.


NMG has many years of technical experience in creating reliable, scalable, and top-notch e-commerce solutions, advanced marketing solutions, native and React/Flutter mobile apps, custom websites, software developed in PHP, Python,.NET, and Java, and AI/ML applications. They have over 15 years of expertise and have worked with a variety of clients, including NASDAQ-listed businesses and innovative startups.


RipenApps is an esteemed and internationally famous mobile app development company that offers consulting, web and app development, and other services to multi-level enterprises, from entrepreneurs and startups to enterprise enterprises.

The process used to develop mobile and web app solutions (for IoT, wearables, cross-platforms, Android, and other modern technologies) Delivering feature-rich, UI/UX-rich, cutting-edge solutions is the company’s forte.


Radixweb, which has been providing immersive digital experiences for the web and mobile devices for more than 20 years, is a well-regarded application development consulting firm. Our scalable business application development solutions give you access to skilled architects that create unique apps utilizing cutting-edge technology and industry-best development methods.


The finest app development service in Los Angeles since 2018 has been named SideBench by software professionals. While maintaining agility, the organization values innovation. Designing user-friendly and appealing apps for businesses is what SideBench does. SideBench is a technical blessing for the market, with a few of the major firms like Red Bull, Facebook, Sony, Colt 45, and Instagram attached to its portfolio.


Sileria is different from other companies that create and market apps. For every kind of web platform, Sileria develops an app. AR, VR, MR, UX, and visuals are all included in the apps. The Internet of Things, robots, and programming are all features included in every Sileria app. Since its founding in 2001, Sileria has been building cutting-edge app portfolios.


Wizeline has developed creative software solutions for companies over the years. One of the quickest alternatives for app development is one that also supports AI chatbots. Real-time interactive features included in Wizeline’s apps enhance the client experience with the brand. The expert team behind Wizeline has the skills and expertise necessary to produce high-caliber apps on schedule.

Final Words

To help you locate a reliable app developer, we have put together a list of the best app development companies in Los Angeles, California.

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