Press Release Unveils the First-Ever Sale of Banksy Pieces via an Art Tokenization Platform

The innovative art tokenization platform, is set to redefine the art world with its upcoming launch, featuring the sale of renowned Banksy artwork ‘Turf War’ through NFTs. This event, scheduled for November 27th, represents a fusion of traditional art appreciation with the forefront of blockchain technology.

Revolutionizing Art Ownership With NFT Technologies is pioneering the integration of physical art into the digital space. The platform ensures that each NFT is directly linked to a physical fragment of an artwork, making a person holding a token a real co-owner of the original masterpiece.

Currently, the NFT sector is experiencing a notable resurgence. The recent high-value sales in the digital art space, such as EtherRock NFTs and Bitcoin Rock Ordinals fetching over $100,000 each, showcase the market’s reinvigoration.’s Unique Approach

At the heart of’s mission is the seamless integration of physical art into the digital ecosystem. The platform ensures legal ownership transfer in just a few clicks, leveraging blockchain technology for security and transparency.

The upcoming pre-sale of ‘Turf War’ on November 27th offers a chance to own a piece of Banksy’s legacy for an exclusive price of only $60. This sale is a unique opportunity to engage with Banksy’s art beyond traditional boundaries, offering both art and DeFi enthusiasts a new way to experience and own world-famous pieces. x Monada Art Gallery

At the forefront of the art tokenization movement,’s revolutionary ecosystem offers accessible ownership of legendary masterpieces in just a few clicks. Partnering with Monada Art Gallery, the platform exhibits physical originals of the artworks featured on the platform in Dubai, UAE.

This partnership enhances the experience by offering an immersive intersection of traditional and digital art worlds. Monada Art Gallery, renowned for its diverse collection and modern approach, aligns perfectly with’s vision of making legendary artworks like those of Banksy accessible and enjoyable to a global audience.

About Monada Art

Monada Art Gallery is on a mission to redefine the art world. At a time when traditional art markets are facing challenges, Monada Art Gallery is building a bridge between institutional art and the modern world. With a diverse collection spanning European, American, Arabic and Chinese art, the gallery is not only redefining how art is experienced, but also expanding its global presence. Born from the innovative concept of ‘Pure Art Gallery’ in 2021, Monada Art Gallery is making fine art more accessible, while Dubai’s ultra-modern landscape provides the perfect backdrop for this cultural endeavour.

About is a revolutionary ecosystem at the intersection of DeFi and art. Seamlessly bridging classical art with the digital age, while catering to a global audience of business professionals, enthusiasts, art collectors, and Web3 experts, offers unparalleled opportunities. 10101 enables secure ownership of timeless masterpieces from numerous countries and centuries. Anchored by blockchain technology, is on a mission to fragment art ownership, ensuring accessibility and security for all stakeholders. The platform’s decentralized approach empowers artists, encourages creativity, and establishes a new era of borderless artistic expression. Through smart contracts and tokenization, pioneers a transparent and democratized art market, fostering a dynamic ecosystem where art becomes a universal language, connecting people across cultures and continents. The platform’s commitment to inclusivity and innovation positions it as a trailblazer in reshaping the dynamics of the art world. 

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