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100% Capri To Tap Into The Asian Luxury Market

One of today’s fastest growing independent brands in the luxury sector is Italian fashion house 100% Capri .

The brainchild of founder and CEO Antonino Aiello,  100% Capri  is known for developing linen into a mainstream luxury fabric,

Even through many big fashion labels- from Gucci to Chanel- have experimented with Linen,  100% Capri  is still renowned for being the frontrunner in the market.

It’s popularity has propelled the brand from its initial seaside resort bases- from Mykonos to St. Barts- into large continental markets like Miami and Dubai where the brand has not only been embraced, but started to really carve out its own market share away from competitors such as Hermes and Loro Piana.

Given its proof of concept in these indicator markets, Aiello is poised to bring the brand into Singapore in the next few years.

Success in Singapore could mean rapid expansion for the brand in the Asian market and tremendous growth to its market value today.

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