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10 Ways to Use Plastic Packaging for Your Growing Business

Plastic Packaging

There’s something about actually seeing a product that helps to sell it to a customer. Customers don’t have to worry about it not looking like the picture on the box, and they can be sure there are no visible defects. That’s where plastic blister packaging comes in. 

What is blister packaging and why should you consider it for your products?

Blister packaging is a clear plastic cavity for small goods. You often find them used for holding pills. 

They can hold multiple products in a single package and come in all kinds of sizes and fits. Consumers can see what they’re buying without needing to pop it open. The cost of blister packaging is also not high and may prove a more affordable option for products made in large volumes. 

Here’s how you can use blister packaging suppliers to boost your business. 

1. Keep Product Fresh

Plastic blister packaging holds its items separated from others inside the container. Depending on the type of packaging, you can sometimes remove individual products without disturbing the others contained within. 

For medications, that means consumers can take a single dose without exposing the rest to the open air. It keeps everything well contained and lasting longer. 

2. Suggest Dosage and Serving Sizes

It can be difficult to ensure someone takes the recommended dosage or serving size of something if it’s sold inside a single bottle. People can easily take too much or too little without bothering to read the directions.

Manufacturers can use blister packaging products to separate out medications and other similar products by dosage. That’s why you often see cold medicine like Dayquil separated into pairs, which equals a single dose. 

3. Make Your Product More Visually Appealing

One of the benefits of blister packaging is how you can present a product to potential customers. Toys are put directly on display to draw a child’s eye. Packaged stationary supplies show buyers exactly what they’re getting and what it looks like. 

You can use this type of packaging to help make your product look more interesting based on how you lay out the items inside of it. It also helps to bring focus to the product itself.

4. Easy Packaging

This type of packaging is made specifically to mold around a product, as long as it’s not too large. You don’t have to worry about adding things like filler.

The only downside is that blister packaging requires a cardboard backing to adhere both the product and the plastic onto. It’s recommended that you apply a relevant print onto both sides to take advantage of the space.

5. Secure Seal

Damaged items are unlikely to sell well in stores and may require the store to discount them. Despite the minimalistic packaging, you can be assured that it’ll keep your products safe and secure at all times. 

A blister back’s small compartments prevent the item from shifting around in transit, and it also keeps your product safe from other damaging factors. The durable plastic barrier also protects it from staff and customers.

6. Improved Customization

Custom blister packaging guarantees that your product will be in a package that fits its form. You don’t have to worry about your items moving around or needing to secure them inside. 

Additionally, the cardboard backing required with all blister packaging provides an opportunity to be creative. Have front showcase the product while the back can display additional instructions or information. 

7. Sustainability

Just because blister packaging is made out of plastic doesn’t mean it has to be wasteful. Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) Plastics are materials made out of used and disposed of items. Once collected, the different plastic types are separated out, cleaned, and eventually turned into new consumer goods. 

Ask your thermoforming companies if they’re taking advantage of PCR plastic. If so, then you can safely tell your customers that your products are being shipped and stocked in eco-friendly packaging. 

8. Lightweight Packaging

A problem with traditional packaging is that you’re often required to put filler inside to prevent your product from moving around. This filler can add to the overall item’s weight, which can increase the cost of shipping. 

Plastic blister packaging provides a minimalistic option that doesn’t require filler. As such, you can expect it to weigh much less than alternative packaging options. 

9. Prevent Child Access

It’s important to find a packaging option that prevents children from opening your product. This can help keep toys packaged as well as prevent children from swallowing someone else’s medication. 

Child-resistant blister packaging uses a multi-layer backing to make it harder for children to open. Most adults will still be able to puncture the packaging either by pushing the tablet through or peeling away the extra layer. 

In some cases, you may find that it’s better at keeping children out than pill bottles. It’s easy for a child to accidentally pop open a bottle, but blister packaging is more likely to crumple than open up in their hands. 

10. Resistant to Theft

Depending on the product held within, blister packaging can prove resistant to theft. It’s easy enough to open a cardboard box, sneak an item out, and replace the closed box on the shelf.

A thief would most likely have to take the entire package if it is sealed in plastic. Otherwise, they would leave evidence that a crime had been committed. 

Affordable Plastic Blister Packaging

Deciding which type of packaging you utilize depends on various factors, such as the size of your product and your budget. If your items are on the smaller side, then plastic blister packaging is the best way to save money and secure your product. 

Plastiform offers blister packaging in addition to clamshells, insert trays, and cushion packaging. You can check out our stock online or contact us to learn more. We can even send you a free sample so you can evaluate our product firsthand. 

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