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10 Ways To Cool Down This Summer For Cheap

The summer heat is undoubtedly brutal, but keeping cool doesn’t have to mean cranking up your air conditioning and racking up a sky-high utility bill. Before you resort to blasting the AC, consider these affordable, creative ways to beat the heat.

And for even more cooling power, be sure to check out the flexible AC rental options from AC on Rent. With their convenient services, you can enjoy powerful, efficient air conditioning all summer without the major upfront cost of buying a unit. Their rental plans make it easy to get the right size AC for your home, office, or event space.

Now, let’s dive into 10 budget-friendly tips to stay cool this season:

  1. Make Your Own Popsicles

Forget expensive store-bought popsicles – you can make your own healthy, delicious frozen treats at home for a fraction of the cost. All you need are some simple ingredients like fruit juice, yogurt, or pureed fruit. Get creative with fun mold shapes and unique flavor combinations. Not only are homemade popsicles cheaper, but you can control the ingredients to make them more nutritious.

  1. Set Up a Backyard Sprinkler

Turn your backyard into an instant DIY splash pad by setting up a sprinkler on hot days. Kids and adults alike will love running through the refreshing sprays of water to cool off. Plus, it’s an inexpensive way to have hours of summertime fun.

  1. Hang Damp Towels in Front of Fans

For a natural air cooling effect, simply place damp towels in front of fans. As the water evaporates, it will help lower the ambient temperature around you.

  1. Use Blackout Curtains

Keep the sun’s heat from seeping into your home by installing blackout curtains or shades on your windows. This creates a barrier that helps maintain a cooler indoor temperature without cranking the AC.

  1. Open Windows at Night

When temperatures drop in the evening, open up your windows to let in the refreshing cool night air. Just be sure to close them during the day to trap the cooler air inside.

  1. Make a Homemade Air Cooler

Improvise your own DIY air cooler by placing a bowl of ice in front of a fan. As the air passes over the ice, it helps lower the surrounding temperature.

  1. Eat Chilled Treats

Cool down from the inside out with refreshing chilled foods and drinks. Smoothies, gazpacho, and homemade ice cream are all great options to help you beat the heat.

  1. Dress in Lightweight, Breathable Fabrics

Choose loose, lightweight clothing made of natural fabrics like cotton that allow airflow and evaporation to keep you cool.

  1. Take Advantage of Free Sprinkler Parks

Many cities have free public sprinkler parks or splash pads that are open to everyone during the summer months. Look for these community resources to enjoy some water-based fun on hot days.

  1. Get Outdoors in the Evening

Avoid the oppressive midday sun by planning your outdoor activities for the cooler mornings or evenings when temperatures are lower.

By combining these affordable, creative cooling methods with the convenient rental services from, you can keep your cool all summer long without spending a fortune on air conditioning. Their flexible plans make it easy to get the right size AC unit for your space, whether it’s your home, office, or an upcoming event.

Check out AC on Rent in Noida to learn more about renting the perfect air conditioning solution and start enjoying a refreshing, budget-friendly summer!

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