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10 Ways Outsourcing IT Help Desk Benefits Your Business

As businesses are adapting to advanced technology, it’s only obvious that employees need technical support every now and then. Initially, most small businesses use their in-house IT teams for regular tech operations. 

That makes sense when you have a few user requests. But as your business scales and the volume of requests grow, you need a more robust and large-scale solution.

Outsourced IT help desk services have become a primary method for fixing technical bugs, answering user queries, and fulfilling software/hardware requests. 

Below we have listed the 10 ways outsourcing an IT help desk can benefit your business. Read on. 

  • Faster Response Times

Imagine your in-house help desk is busy handling the chat and emails. All of a sudden, there’s a large number of incoming calls, and no one from your team is available to answer. 

A third-party IT help desk is equipped with the resources to attend to each user and manage individual queries as efficiently as possible. They offer immediate response, fixing all technical issues your employees are experiencing. 

With an IT help desk, you are only one ticket or a one phone call away from getting quick assistance from an expert.

  • Support Outside Your Business Hours

The biggest disadvantage of leaving your entire IT operations to your in-house help desk is their limited working hours. If your employees need support outside your business time, your in-house might not be able to assist.

For a constantly growing business, you need a help desk that’s ready to serve your team 24/7. That’s especially important for companies that have a blend of hybrid and remote workforce. 

  • Easier to Scale

Your in-house IT teams might specialize in fixing technical issues to some extent, but managing a large number of user requests or technical problems can get tricky. Your outsourced IT teams are never consistently busy. 

It’s easier to scale your support services based on the volume of user requests or the tickets raised. As your company grows and implements modern technology, your staff will need technical support more now than ever. 

Instead of adding more IT employees to your in-house service desk, you can request your outsourced IT teams to offer additional support. For instance, you can request them to handle more user requests or work 24/7 for your business.

  • Specialization

IT help desk providers specialize in all tech-related areas. It’s their primary service offering. Most IT companies work simultaneously with different organizations (small, medium, and large-scale). 

They define, develop, and deploy a vast range of technical solutions to automate business workflow and ensure secure operation. They know which resources can deliver the best results, the best method to train employees, and which resources are needed for different purposes.

These professionals can offer a comprehensive support service, which your in-house help desk team might be incapable of.

  • Focus on Your Core Business

By leaving the technical part to the people who specialize in this field, your in-house IT team can focus on the core areas of your business. They can handle work that adds more value to your organization overall. 

As a result, you will notice a positive change in your productivity and profitability. It doesn’t only benefit your in-house IT teams, but having an outsourced help desk makes the lives of your HR, accountants, and managers easier. As their issues are resolved quickly, they can carry out their routine tasks faster. 

  • Access to Advanced Resources

IT help desks offer self-service portals that help users resolve small issues without contacting an agent. These are offered as FAQs, community forums, blogs, etc. They also implement the latest security tools to protect your network from cyberattacks. 

All these resources enable IT companies to offer an excellent resolution rate. In fact, help desk statistics show that IT services have a resolution rate of a whopping 74.3%

  • Cost-Effective

Onboarding and training IT help desk employees can turn out to be incredibly expensive for your organization. 

By signing a contract with an outsourced IT help desk, you can get support services tailored to your budget and needs. It also saves you the extra cost of paying your in-house team to handle a spike in the user request volume.

The best part is you don’t need to invest in resources for conducting security operations once you have outsourced your help desk services to a third party. 

  • Get Deeper Insights 

A good IT help desk will provide you with a comprehensive report that shows the details of each call log, resolution rate, response time, the nature of calls, and other key performance metrics. 

The biggest advantage of these reports is that they give insights into technical problems your staff often faces. You can detect the root cause of these problems and adopt a proactive approach so they don’t recur repeatedly. 

Secondly, these reports show how your outsourced IT service desks handle your technical issues and where they can improve.

  • Improve Company’s Culture

A slow in-house team can affect other areas of your business negatively. You don’t want your different departments to face issues because of the lack of quality technical support. 

There’s also a risk of tension between your IT teams and other departments. So, to avoid that, it’s best to outsource an IT help desk provider.

  • A Proactive Mindset

Help desk companies are in the business where a proactive approach is followed to avoid any serious security issues. With an IT help desk company handling your network performance and potential security concerns, you can have peace of mind knowing that your business and data are in safe hands. 

They will employ the best resources to prevent unauthorized people from accessing your private network or causing a security breach.

Bottom Line

Businesses have started relying on outsourced IT help desks to streamline their technical operations. And it’s not hard to see why. The tech-savvy IT staff is capable of handling all kinds and complexities of technical issues efficiently. They also offer excellent support, allowing your HR teams to focus on other important areas of business.

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