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10 USA Universities where you can Study Fintech Courses

If you are looking for Universities where you can study fintech courses at undergraduate or postgraduate levels, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) was the first University to offer fintech courses to undergraduate students in the U.S. By the start of 2016, several Universities in the U.S were offering fintech courses either at the certificate, undergraduate or postgraduate levels. This number is set to increase tremendously with more Universities particularly Business Schools intending to start offering the courses beginning this fall, thanks to the rising students’ demand for these courses. This article brings you 10 universities where you can study fintech courses in the U.S. 

1) Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

MIT has always been at the forefront of innovation not only in the U.S but also the world over. In 2016, its Sloan School of Management working together with the Department of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering and Harvard Law school, launched a course named Fintech Ventures. According to Prof. Michael Kroerner, an expert in entrepreneurial finance and co-lecturer of the new course, the decision to start the course was informed by the growing significance of financial technology. Under this course, students are taught among others; cryptocurrencies, payments, and consumer finance.

2) Stanford University

Financial Technology course at Stanford aims to provide the students with an overview of the ever-evolving world of fintech. The course takes a business approach by analyzing the prevailing business landscape where incumbent businesses have substantial market power but are finding it difficult to keep pace with technological advancements with new entrants threatening to change the way business is done. The course pays particular attention to areas of alternative credit, payments and virtual currencies.

3) Georgetown University

The fintech course at Georgetown University is more specifically referred to as Technology Management. The course may be taken online. Key areas covered include financial analysis, information security, business intelligence, enterprise modernization and technology management ethics.

4) New York University Stern School of Business

NYU has one of the most well-defined fintech courses in the U.S. focusing on technology enabled business models. Their website lists key modules taught to include data-driven credit modelling, digital currencies and Blockchains, financial information systems, robo advisors and systematic trading, applications in entrepreneurial finance, fintech personal finance and fintech risk management.

5) University of Pennsylvania

University of Pennsylvania’s Fintech programme is well structured with the aim of producing future fintech innovators. It involves hands-on projects to ensure students are engaged with the latest trends, ideas, and developments in the fintech sector. The university sources opportunities for its graduates in leading fintech firms such as Wealthfront, Apple Pay, and MasterCard.

6) Columbia University

Columbia University offers Fintech training as part of its MBA programme. The aim is to give students a better understanding of the current technology trends in the business sector including cryptocurrencies, mobile payments, online lending, robo advisors and insurtech.

7) University of California Berkley

The University of California Berkley, strives to be the global centre of finance, technology, and entrepreneurship. As such, its fintech course involves teaching students such areas as New Venture finance and hedge fund management.

8) McMaster University’s DeGroote School of Business 

The University offers fintech training as part of its master of finance programme. The aim is to help graduates understand the principles of modern finance and develop the requisite skills.

9) University of Southern California’s Marshall School of Business

USC launched a course specifically dealing with fintech in early 2016. The course is inclined to how fintech can be applied in entrepreneurship. Therefore, it includes the study of innovative payment solutions, fintech wealth management, Blockchain technology and alternative lending models among others.

10) Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business

Duke University offers a fintech course as part of the master of quantitative management. It involves the study of data science and analytics, fraud analytics, data visualization and business intelligence.

If you know other universities where to study fintech courses, please let us know in the comment box bellow or send us an email.

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