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10 University Courses that will get you a Fintech Job.

The fintech industry is among the world’s fastest growing industries. The global fintech industry grew by 75 percent to about $22.3 billion in 2015, meaning many start-ups and job opportunities for graduates and students. One of the best ways to get a fintech job is to ensure you have the necessary skills that fintech companies are looking for. The following are 10 university courses that will get you a fintech job:

1) Understanding financial technologies

Offered by Open University, Understanding financial technologies enables students to learn how digital technologies are shaping and disrupting the future of financial services. Studying this course will allow you to have a basic understanding of the challenges and opportunities in Fintech.

2) Business analytics

Business analytics refers to the practices, applications, technologies and skills for continuous interactive investigation and exploration of past business performance to get insights.  Business analytics transforms raw data into useful analytics and insights.  In fintech companies, business analytics explains the pitfalls and benefits behind a possible technology investment.

3) Economics

Economics knowledge is useful in many fields. Economics graduates are better-placed to do well in fintech the employment market.  Employers in fintech firms rate Economics degree highly because they offer students with a solid combination of academic and numerical skills.

4) Finance

A finance course is important for students who are looking forward to being employed in fintech firms.  Students with Finance course assess the stability, profitability and viability of fintech businesses or projects.

5) Computer Science

In fintech, many successful applicants have a computer science course. Across the fintech world, programming languages such as Python, C++, and Java are in high demand.  Five years ago, Python was non-existent in banking. However, now it has an important component in the banking systems.

6) Law

Fintech is creating new opportunities for corporate lawyers. Some Fintech firms do not know exactly which law, rulings or regulation require their compliance.  Therefore, those firms are looking for legal minds to assist them in understanding the existing legal framework that applies to their businesses.

7) Data Analytics

A course in Data Analytics enables students to explore data in order to understand customers better. In fintech companies, data analysts develop and monitor new statistical approaches to make use of the company’s data.

8) Marketing

Fintech firms are looking for individuals who can increase the number of potential clients for their businesses. A marketing course equips students with the skills needed for creating innovative ways to promote company services and products, especially through digital marketing..

9) Financial Systems Engineering

Financial Systems Engineers work in IT trading, mobile, cloud and in application support. There are many tasks for financial systems engineers in fintech companies and the list keeps growing as the industry gets bigger and bigger.

10) Mathematics

The best course for becoming a quantitative analyst is a degree in mathematics. Quantitative analysts are the brains behind financial algorithms. With the explosion of fintech start-ups and different products they offer, quantitative analysts are in greater demand than ever.

If you want a fintech job, you must know that fintech industry is continually evolving and developing. Therefore, you must be well-informed about the  industry trends. So, Subscribe to our daily Fintech Industry updates on Facebook, Twitter and Email.

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