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10 Reasons why your company should have ISO 27001 Certification


ISO 27001 is an internationally recognized standard for information security management. It outlines best practices and controls for ensuring the Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability (commonly known as CIA Triad) of sensitive information. Obtaining ISO 27001 certification demonstrates to customers, partners, and regulators that your company is committed to information security and has implemented proper controls to protect sensitive data. 

Neumetric, a cybersecurity products and services company, can help your Organisation achieve ISO 27001 Certification by providing a dedicated consultant to work with your team and help you set up the processes and tools that are required to meet the standard’s expectations and also the needs of your customers and stakeholders. Neumetric will also help you develop a comprehensive Information Security Management System [ISMS] that meets the requirements of ISO 27001 and provide training and support throughout the process and ensures that your team is prepared for any audits or security assessments that may come up in the future.

The benefits of having ISO 27001 certification can be very helpful for your business. The management team of your company will be able to make more informed decisions when it comes to information security, and you can also gain a competitive advantage over your competitors. Here are 10 reasons why your company should consider obtaining ISO 27001 certification:

  • Improved efficiency: Implementing the processes and controls required for ISO certification can help streamline your company’s operations, leading to increased efficiency and productivity. This can help reduce costs and increase profitability. ISO 27001 improves business processes by helping you improve your information security culture. It reduces risks and demonstrates your commitment to customer trust all at once
  • Increased customer trust: Customers are increasingly concerned about the quality and safety of the products and services they purchase. Having ISO certification can help reassure customers that your company is committed to meeting high standards and can provide a competitive advantage over companies that are not certified. 

As a company, you want your customers to trust you and your products. When it comes to information security, this means that your customers should be able to feel confident in their interactions with your business. They should be able to trust that their data is secure and that they can rely on the integrity of the information they receive from you. In turn, this will make them more likely to buy from you or recommend your services to others.

  • Enhanced reputation: Obtaining ISO certification can enhance your company’s reputation and credibility, both with customers and in the marketplace. This can lead to increased business and opportunities for growth. Your customers and constituents will take it as a sign that you are serious about ensuring the safety of their data and information. You can also demonstrate that you are trustworthy, which goes a long way in gaining the trust of those who need to rely on your services.

While these benefits may seem obvious, there’s another reason why having ISO 27001 certification is so important: it can help improve your reputation within the industry. Customers want to do business with companies they know they can trust; if they don’t feel confident trusting you, they will look elsewhere for their needs—and there are plenty of other companies out there competing for their business!

  • Improved communication: ISO certification requires companies to have clear and documented processes in place, which can help improve communication within the Organisation and with stakeholders. It also shows that you are willing to put processes in place that will help protect the business from a wide range of threats including cyber attacks, physical damage or theft, and also focus on employee training and development.
  • Increased competitiveness: In today’s global marketplace, many companies are competing for the same customers. Having ISO certification can give you a competitive edge by demonstrating to potential customers that your company is committed to meeting high standards. It will make your company stand out from the crowd and provide a competitive edge over your competitors. This certification can help improve talent acquisition and retention by attracting top talent who want to work in an environment where information security is taken seriously.
  • Compliance with regulations: Depending on your industry, you may be required to meet certain standards in order to do business. ISO certification can help your Organisation meet these requirements and avoid potential fines or legal action. Compliance is a major concern for businesses, especially those that are required to comply with a number of different regulations. In many cases, these regulations require certification—for example, ISO 27001 certification. Other companies may be required to comply with certain regulations for other reasons. 
  • Improved risk management: ISO certification requires companies to identify and assess potential risks to their operations and implement controls to mitigate those risks. This can help your company identify and address potential vulnerabilities before they lead to problems. Companies that are more aware of their security risks are better equipped to manage them. By implementing a strong, comprehensive framework for managing risk, you can reduce the number and severity of data breaches that could happen in your Organisation.
  • Enhanced business continuity: A disruption to your operations can damage your reputation and lead to financial losses. Implementing the controls required for ISO certification can help ensure that your business can continue to operate even in the event of a disruption. ISO 27001 helps improve business continuity by ensuring that your Organisation has the tools and processes in place to recover quickly from a disaster. This is especially important for organisations that store sensitive data or work with customers who have high expectations of security.
  • Increased employee engagement: Involving employees in the process of obtaining ISO certification can help increase their engagement and commitment to the company. It can also lead to improved morale and retention. ISO 27001 helps increase employee engagement by ensuring that employees are aware of the company’s goals and that they’re working together to achieve them. It also helps teams work together effectively by providing a framework for communication, planning, and problem solving.
  • Global recognition: ISO certification is recognized worldwide, which can be especially beneficial for companies that operate in multiple countries or are looking to expand internationally. ISO 27001 certification is a valuable asset when it comes to entering new markets. This is especially true when you are selling your services or products in countries that have strict data privacy laws. In many cases, these countries will require Organisations to be certified under ISO 27001 before doing business with them. You may not realise it, but having ISO 27001 certification could be the difference between winning over a client or losing out on an opportunity that would be beneficial to your company.


Obtaining ISO certification can bring numerous benefits to a company, including improved efficiency, increased customer trust, and a competitive advantage in the marketplace. By implementing the processes and controls required for ISO certification, companies can improve their operations, enhance their reputation, and position themselves for success in the global marketplace.

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