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10 reasons why you should use vinyl lettering for your marketing campaign

vinyl lettering

Vinyl lettering has become an inexpensive yet effective way of bringing your business to life.  Whether you’re looking for vinyl window signage, vinyl tablecloths, vinyl banners or vinyl car signage, the possibilities are endless!

Keeping in mind that vinyl is cheap and versatile it’s no wonder vinyl is becoming so popular.

The following are some great reasons why you should use vinyl lettering for your next marketing campaign…

1) Its affordable –

Vinyl cost per square foot starts at $2.00 / sqft. That might not sound like a bargain but when you consider that vinyl is cut into shapes or letters then applied onto various surfaces it can be very cost-effective. When compared to other media such as vinyl wrapped vehicles or vinyl cut graphics vinyl lettering can be very affordable.

2) Its effective –

Vinyl lettering is the perfect way to grab your customer’s attention and entice them into your establishment.  Not only will people be able to see what types of products and services you offer but they’ll also be exposed to your company’s name and logo, both key factors in getting new clients to come through your doors.

3) It lasts long-term –

Vinyl lettering does not fade quickly which means little, if any, upkeep required from you especially compared with other forms of marketing such as billboards. In addition vinyl sign letters are made from a tough plastic polymer that allows them to withstand rain, shine, and UV rays.  This is why vinyl signage often outlasts vinyl wrapped vehicles which can peel away or be scratched within months of being on the road.

4) You can get creative –

Vinyl lettering doesn’t have to remain static.  You could order vinyl lettering with moving parts such as wheels so that they look like mini-vehicles or you might want to use vinyl lettering with changing images every few seconds. This type of vinyl signage requires more effort but then again it will really get people talking!

At Ravenswood Signs we’ve created vinyl car signage that changes images every few seconds by using a series of light sensors and switches attached to pressure pads under the floor mat. When someone sits in the seat, the vinyl car signage changes from a welcome mat to an ‘occupied’ vinyl banner. This vinyl sign technology is a great way of getting your customers to take photos and share them across social media!

5) Its inexpensive –

Vinyl lettering can be apply onto numerous surfaces without much preparation. For example you could order vinyl lettering that comes with its own adhesive back meaning it can be straight onto glass or metal without any messy glue stains left behind. In fact vinyl lettering will not damage painted surfaces which mean it can be apply to garden pots, household items such as cups and plates etc…

  6) Its fast & simple –

At Banner Buzz Signs we offer vinyl lettering in a variety of different vinyl materials.  All vinyl letters can be pre-cut to fit your needs and all vinyl lettering is apply by our experience vinyl signage technicians. If you’re looking for vinyl lettering that will require intricate cutting and installation then we suggest hiring a professional vinyl installer which may cost more than using Ravenswood Signs but we know that happy customers are what it’s all about.

7) It looks great –

When vinyl has been apply correctly, there is no sign of any seams or edges where the two vinyl pieces have join together. That’s because vinyl signage is precision cut with an electronic plotter machine to ensure accuracy. When laying out images, words or shapes on digitally printed vinyl rolls.

8) Its versatile –

Vinyl lettering can be apply to just about any exterior or interior surface from vinyl fit on walls. Vinyl cut out in the shape of vehicle graphics and vinyl that are applying with pressure sensitive adhesive.  The vinyl itself comes in a variety of colours, textured finishes and even materials such as vinyl coated metals. Which allow for a richer look when applying vinyl signage to your premises.

9) Be proud –

Vinyl lettering is so popular because it has a long-lasting effect on customers. Who will see your company name and logo day after day. In fact many companies have been in business for decades. Simply by using vinyl lettering on their vehicles combined with solid brand marketing strategies. Even if you’re a one-man vinyl signage business starting out. Vinyl lettering is such a low cost marketing strategy that it’s always worth giving it a go!

10) Its exciting –

Nothing beats vinyl lettering in terms of creating an excitement factor.  For example vinyl signage which is installed. On the side of a delivery truck will get people talking about your business; vinyl signage applied to outdoor banners will raise awareness that you’re having a sale etc…     When vinyl lettering is applied correctly. It can create such an impact those businessesthat rely on repeat customers. Become famous overnight for simply having their vinyl lettering changed every month or so!


Vinyl lettering is extremely popular for a reason.  It’s cost-effective, versatile and can get customers talking about your business unlike any other marketing method.


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