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10 Reasons Why You Should Implement Live Chat

Let’s be honest: you’re likely reading this article because you’ve been struggling to turn browsers into customers. This can be a huge problem for any business.

Nevertheless, there is a method of transforming potential customers and enhancing the overall customer experience.

Forester found that live chat increases revenue per hour of chat by 48%, and boosts conversion rates by 40%.

Yes, we are referring to the small live chat button typically located in the corner of web pages.

Yet, the live chat button offers much more. Check out these 10 advantages of live chat that can help your business instantly grow!

1.  Customers can have a convenient and real-time experience.

Never underestimate the value of engaging in a meaningful conversation with a customer in real time.

A study by Forrester Research revealed that 44% of internet shoppers find it most essential to have the option to receive responses from a live agent during their online transaction.

Live chat is useful for two types of customers who require assistance.

Potential buyers usually use the live chat in the following scenarios: The first group is those who are considering a purchase.

 Live chat sessions are highly influential to online shoppers — in fact, over 38% of customers base their purchasing decisions on such interactions.

The next set of visitors to your live chat are existing customers.

speed, convenience, and customer satisfaction. Using live chat is advantageous for many reasons such as speed, convenience, and customer satisfaction.

Another nice advantage of live chat is that you can get almost instant feedback or notifications when there is a large-scale customer-facing issue. For example, if you have a SaaS business and something goes wrong, live chat gives you immediate insight into the problem from your customer’s perspective.

2. Live chat saves money

An additional advantage of live chat is increased profitability. What cost savings can live chat provide?

LiveAgent’s advanced chat software allows agents to efficiently handle multiple chats concurrently, eliminating the need to hire additional employees.

With the help of a live chat representative, customers can receive real-time advice and answers to any questions they may have. This allows you to increase average order value, while also reducing product return expenses as it ensures customers choose the right product or service that best suits them and thus makes them more satisfied.

Decreases cost related to the help desk by minimizing wait time in comparison to a customer service call center.

Getting LiveAgent Live Chat installed on your website is quick and easy; it takes just a few minutes, and you don’t need to know HTML. Plus, they have pre-made integrations for many of the most popular e-commerce and content management systems. Plus, their team will provide a complete integration service for free to your customers.

3. Competitive advantage

Now more than ever, it is essential to stand out from the competition.

The competition in the business world is immense and continues to grow daily.

Many eCommerce websites have incorporated live chat into their customer service software in order to give customers real-time answers, avoiding them from leaving and going to a competitor.

You might question whether live chat applies to your business, no matter its size. Live chat can give any organization a competitive advantage in its market.

Leading enterprises, such as Apple, SKY, and Virgin Airlines, rely on customer service chat to stay competitive.

Take advantage of this chance to get an edge over the competition.

Experience the advantages of LiveAgent with a 14-day risk-free trial. No payment information is necessary.

4. Increase conversions and sales

Providing human interaction during checkout add trust, resulting in customers spending more time on your website.

Having a positive customer experience often leads to increased spending per order.

Essentially, live chat has a direct effect on your sales.

Research has demonstrated that utilizing live chat can result in up to a 20% rise in conversion rates.

Following the addition of live chat on Post Affiliate Pro, our website experienced a 23% increase in conversion rates.

Viktor Zeman, CEO of Quality Unit

Adding LiveChat to their services proved beneficial for Wells Fargo. After revamping their online chat support in 2008, they saw a dramatic increase in conversions.

To increase conversions with live chat, it is important to ensure that your representatives are highly knowledgeable and trained. They should be able to provide detailed information about your products and suggest additional purchases that are suitable for each customer. Additionally, they can offer discounts or coupon codes to undecided customers who may decide to proceed with their purchase. Hiring offshore agents not only save us cost but also save us from lot of hiring, managements related issues. 

But the most essential factor is that to thoroughly exploit a customer service conversation, they need to compose quickly. Measure how many words in one minute they can form. Use it as a rivalry to upgrade your online talk customer service. Take a peek at this complimentary outsource live chats trial and assess squad’s proficiency.

5. Long-term Relationships with Clients

When customers are satisfied over the long term, they have less of a chance of switching to another provider. Plus, these customers are usually less focused on price.

Experts assert that customers who feel valued will not be as focused on the cost of a product or service.

In particular, 63% of customers who have used live chat will return in comparison to those who haven’t.

Research indicates that loyal clients shop more often and require less investment as they become more and more acquainted with your enterprise and the operations associated with it.

6. 24/7 support

It can be difficult for businesses without the resources to hire agents for every shift to offer 24/7 customer service.

Nowadays, you can streamline your customer service by enabling a chatbot to provide self-service during business hours, allowing you to focus on other tasks.

The chatbot can supply customers with the necessary information or a helpful article from its knowledge base.

LiveAgent can be used to toggle between a live chat button and a chatbot integration and also let you generate knowledge base articles for customers when agents are unavailable which provide the essential product/service details.

7. Improved customer service productivity

Real-time chatting is a beneficial asset for multitasking. It provides an effective way to simultaneously address multiple customer concerns while waiting for them to answer. With expert customer assistance, you can augment productivity and better fulfill user satisfaction.

A great method to evaluate your agents’ typing speed is the live chat typing test. Test how many words each minute they can type in order to improve online chat support. Give it a try and discover the benefits yourself.

Moreover, efficiency is heightened due to the variety of chat support functions, such as preconfigured responses, which can save your customer service a lot of effort. Picture yourself repeating or describing the same issue if you have many customers. It can be dull, irritating, and draining. By crafting preconfigured messages, you can easily reply to your patrons.

8. Improved Customer Experience 

Live chat provides you with the opportunity to send proactive chat invitations, which can be useful in converting prospective customers.

It is essential to remember that simple, proactive outreach can not only positively affect a customer’s experience with your company and any potential future relationships, but it can also be an important part of the overall detail.

with our powerful software. Our powerful software helps you qualify and convert leads in a snap.

Track your website visitors’ behavior and offer them tailored chat invitations based on their current location, source of referral, or past interactions with your business.

.Schedule a demonstration and get access to live chat without any cost.

9. Detailed Reports

By utilizing high-quality live chat software, you can gain access to built-in reports that provide insight into the activity of both your customers and agents. This data collection can inform your daily operations, giving you an invaluable edge.

You can identify poor performance in your online chat customer service and provide guidance or training where needed, for example.

Alternatively, you can monitor customer requests that were neglected, had lengthy response times, escalated inquiries, and more.

Through regular monitoring, it is possible to identify areas for improvement in customer service and significantly enhance customer experience (CX) on a daily basis.

10. Quick Resolution of Customer Inquiries

Nowadays, live chat buttons possess a range of functions. In addition, they enable the sharing of links, attachments, and images to facilitate swift responses to customer queries. All these features make online chat customer service more efficient.

Contemplating explaining the whole process or giving a guide to a customer on the phone may be difficult. Providing them with an article or attachment containing a video and other necessary information can prove to be beneficial and help them comprehend everything accordingly without any misunderstandings.

These are some extra tips for taking full advantage of having outsourced live chat:

  • Ensure that there is at least one attendant available for much of the business day; having a live chat service that is often offline may have a detrimental effect.
  •  It is imperative to train your team in order to ensure that they are capable of responding to customer inquiries effectively. Additionally, providing them with sales skills will lead to higher conversion rates and an overall improvement in sales.
  • Engage with customers as a person: The purpose of providing live chat is to give customers human assistance during their shopping experience. Utilizing AI responses can significantly reduce the usefulness of live chat services.
  • so you become better at solving them. Gaining insight from customers: Track and analyze recurring customer issues to make sure you are addressing them effectively.
  • LiveAgent allows for a comprehensive analysis of your customer service reps’ performance. It has powerful features that make it easy to monitor if a purchase occurred after, or during a chat, the number of chats that took place during business hours, and more.
  • When using written communication, we must be conscious of the words we choose. Persons utilizing chat typically aren’t well versed in the topic they are inquiring about, so providing a response containing complex terminology and industry expressions would only leave them more perplexed.
  • Invite customers to start a conversation with you using chat.


To experience live chat app feature, simply click the button located in the bottom right corner and start chatting. All feedback is appreciated, so don’t be shy to tell us what you like or areas you believe could use some improvement.

What else can be done to make improvements?

Livevisit programming is undoubtedly a successful method to talk with your clients. Be that as it may, is it sufficient? In most cases, correspondence does not stop when a chat is over. It as a rule speaks to the first collaboration with a prospective customer.

Most likely, after your conversation, you’ll need to send a follow-up email or make a quick call that necessitates the application of additional resources or programs.

The great thing about LiveAgent is that it provides high-quality live chat and has a full suite of helpdesk and call center features.

In this manner, you can deliver premium communication channels for a complete customer experience.



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