10 Reasons to Protect your IP Address

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Everyone tends to ignore it, but everything you do online may be tracked. This is how snoopers and authorities are able to keep track of what you’ve been looking for on the internet as well as your online transactions. This is one of the most commonly cited reasons for service providers to implement geo-blocking and restrictions on particular users.

This is all accomplished via your IP address. Your IP address is a number that identifies your device and informs websites where your Internet traffic originates from. Google can keep comprehensive records of your search history by linking each query to your IP address.

There are ways to change IP address to keep private and use the internet anonymously. It starts with connecting to a virtual private network (VPN), which establishes a secure connection between you and your servers.

They may rewrite your actions through their network to give your data packets a new IP address. A good VPN service will not log your activity, so there will be no way for someone to track your surfing habits back to you.

The following are ten reasons why you should protect your IP address against mishaps, geo-blocking, censorship, and monitoring.

1) Anonymous Location

When traveling abroad, it might be tough to watch your favorite shows due to geo-blocking and access restrictions. Hiding your IP allows you to connect to the relevant country’s server and watch television as if you were streaming from home. It can easily be done by using different recommended VPN services available. We recommend you always use ExpressVPN, NordVPN, or SurfShark to get the best out of it.

2) Evade Government Monitoring

It is no secret that governments around the world are already using cookies, web beacons, and other tracking technologies to monitor Internet users. Opening the door for the government to access browsing data and metadata makes everyone’s online behavior susceptible. Users can conceal their Internet activity by masking their IP addresses.

Surveillance laws are becoming increasingly strict in many countries. It becomes significantly more perilous when all of the amassed information falls into the wrong hands, such as those of hackers and fraudsters.

3) Encryption of Real Identity

Hiding their IP through encryption means that all of a user’s Internet surfing activity vanishes. Hiding your real identity over cyberspace is mandatory because of numerous bad souls wandering around to hunt you down, track your physical ID or the real ID and gain financial benefit by selling out your information, by making an online transaction using your ID, or by any other means the ultimate goal is to avail the opportunity

4) Geo-Blocking

It is the latest technique used by many renowned platforms to restrict users based on their origin. Entertainment king Netflix does the same like the programs they are presenting to the US region cannot be accessed in Europe. Due to this reason, people use VPN services to see their favorites online

  •  In China, you cannot access Facebook or Google, they have imposed a ban.
  • It is prohibited in Russia to use LinkedIn rather they are running their platforms.
  • Germany is not lagging; they are also on the front to enforce restrictions on YouTube videos

Circumventing the system by changing your IP address might protect you from censorship and help you to enjoy and to get entertained online.

5) Bypass Network Restrictions

Every gadget is connected to a network that allows them to use the internet. Sometimes the network administrators restrict users to access particular websites. These restrictions are being destroyed by the user when he changes IP address by using a proxy or fake IP address that expands the accessibility and eradicates the censorship.

6) Stay Away from Hackers

There may be many snoopers on the lookout, including marketers and, more perniciously, hackers. Because the actual physical location is hidden behind a fake IP address, it provides an excellent level of online protection. The hackers try to crack the online session and get your real information, based on which they steal your money or they can sell your information to a third party.

7) Dodge ISP Surveillance

Internet service providers must keep track of and retain data generated by their customers. Several Internet providers have been discovered to collect, store, and sell client information to third parties or utilize it for promotional purposes. The IP address will be concealed to guarantee that information is secure and inaccessible.

8) The Adversity of Public WIFI

Users love you use free WIFI, connecting to a public network. While Public WIFI networks are easy to access for every netizen but the danger and insecurity attached to them are ultimate. By changing your IP address, you become anonymous and safe while connecting to an unsecured network where hackers could be prowling, ready to steal personal information and financial data. 

9) Extreme Privacy

Search engines keep track of and store information about internet activity by users. Any other user who logs into the same computer may easily retrace your search history. It’s crucial to clear cookies after every surfing session while utilizing a VPN service.

10) Liberty

Hiding your IP address will provide you anonymity over the scanners and monitoring of third-party and government institutes.  It would provide you the freedom to conduct your transactions with security and safeguard internet privacy.


Using the internet without being anonymous, exposes you to the hackers and crackers out there who can smell your activity and can hack your session to pass through your real information which ultimately has brought an adverse situation for you but prosperity for them in the form of financial gain.

We must suggest you always use VPN services like

  1.     ExpressVPN
  2.     Nord VPN
  3.     SurfShark VPN
  4.     IPVanish VPN
  5.     Ghost VPN

The above-recommended services are worth using. Using VPN will protect your credentials which saves you from intruders, provide you shelter against monitoring and make you a “Happy and Free User” in cyberspace.

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