10 portable healthcare gadgets to make your life super convenient

Like how a smartphone helps to make your life convenient by connecting with your loved ones whenever you want, are you looking for portable healthcare gadgets to manage your health condition anywhere, anytime? This article is for you where we’ve listed the best 10 portable healthcare gadgets one should have wherever they remain.

So, let us go through these gadgets one by one.

1. PEMF instrument

Get relief from symptoms wherever you remain. PEMF device can help! Wondering what PEMF is.

PEMF denotes Pulsed electromagnetic fields. It is an FDA (Food and Drug Administration)-approved instrument used to treat multiple ailments like orthopedic conditions, gynecological issues, hormonal problems, cardiovascular issues, pain, neurological problems, hair and skin problems, etc.

On applying the PEMF device to the affected area, it will emit pulsed electromagnetic waves. These waves recharge your affected cells to restore their function. That’s the principle of pemf therapy definition! Depending on the affected area, you can alter the frequency and intensity of electromagnetic waves.

However, the PEMF device is not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women, people who wear implants, and cancer patients.

You can buy a portable PEMF device from the top PEMF instrument dealers like SentientLight in the U.S. at an affordable price so that there is no need to visit any chiropractor clinic or physiotherapy clinic to undergo this treatment.

2. Fertility tracking bracelet

As the name recommends, this fertility tracking bracelet wearable is also FDA-approved used to detect the female’s fertile window in order to figure out the best five days to try for pregnancy.

This first-of-its-kind device employs the use of physiological parameters such as resting pulse rate, breathing rate, and temperature to determine the fertile window.

This bracelet is associated with the companion app on your smartphone. So, wear it while going to sleep, and you will get the readings in the app once you wake up in the morning.

3. Female urinating device

Urination in public areas is no more a problem for females! Without removing the clothes, it is possible to urinate while sitting or standing using a portable urinating device.

4. Teeth whitener

Looking for a portable machine to whiten your teeth without visiting a local cosmetic dentist? Here’s the hi-tech teeth whitener that adopts guided light optic technology for getting a permanent result.

Its compact controller involves four 8-minute application sessions every day in order to whiten your teeth in five shades within five days.

5. Personal EKG

No need to visit the cardiology to undergo an EKG hereafter. Here’s the FDA-approved portable electrocardiography (EKG) that helps in tracking heart health anywhere, anytime. You can get EKG results in 30 seconds through the companion app in your smartphone.

6. Brain sensing headband

Like monitoring your heart health, would you like to assess your brain activity as well? Opt for the brain sensing headband equipped with electroencephalography (EEG) sensors. Since this device is soft and breathable, it is possible to assess brain activity while meditating and sleeping.

Like Personal EKG, this brain sensing headband also transmits your brain activity readings to your smartphone, computer, or tablet via Bluetooth.

This device can effectively manage your stress level by providing deep insight on heart rate and duration of every sleep stage.

7. Fitness trackers

How can you determine whether you have performed enough physical workouts in a day? Fitness trackers can help.

They can monitor your workouts and heart rate and the readings will get displayed in your smartphone via Bluetooth.

In case you are in the recovery stage after an injury or ailment, use a fitness tracker to monitor the fluctuations in your performance.

Fitness companies can provide key vitals and updated information to gym-goers faster than ever.

8. Remote examination kit

What if you fall sick when you are in vacation? Use a remote examination kit to undergo a primary level medical examination from wherever you are.

This home-friendly kit is enabled with a digital camera, a thermometer, a stethoscope for lungs, abdomen, and heart, a tongue depressor for the throat, and an otoscope for ears. Furthermore, this kit is connected to an online consultation app

With these modules, you can examine your health condition and consult your doctor at your own convenience.

9. Smart self-cleaning water bottle

No worries if you are not getting access to pure drinking water. Use a smart self-cleaning water bottle. It uses UV-C LED light for water purification.

With a smart self-cleaning water bottle, it is possible to purify drinking water in one minute and clean itself every two hours. Even if you don’t get drinking water, you can purify the water taken from the river within three minutes.

Furthermore, this bottle has double-wall insulation which can keep hot beverages hot for 12 hours and cold ones cold for 24 hours.

You just require a rechargeable battery for operating this bottle which stands for 1-2 months.

10. BioScarf

During this COVID-19 period, wearing a mask becomes a mandatory step. What if the mask you wear prevents multiple pollutants apart from COVID-19? You can opt for BioScarf, which could be the best revolutionary alternative to air pollution masks.

It has a special in-built N95 air filter to strain more than 94 percent of allergens, pollutants, infections, and the spread of COVID-19 as well, thereby reducing the risk of respiratory issues.

The Final Word

As mentioned above, not only smartphones but you can also think about carrying these portable cutting-edge health gadgets designed by medical experts to keep your health condition safe anywhere, anytime.

Interested in buying any of the above-listed home health devices? Reach out to the respective best device dealers.

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