10 Popular Websites to Find Latest Bitcoin News and Updates.

Financial technology has become part of our everyday life. You probably have come across such terms as cryptocurrency, bitcoin, altcoin or bitcoin mining among others. If you are interested in deeper understanding and regular updates on bitcoin trends, here are 10 sites to find latest bitcoin news and Updates:

1) CoinDesk

CoinDesk has very useful tools and reports, providing a breakdown of trends and patterns in cryptocurrency. It is an excellent site for all your bitcoin information needs. In addition to giving you the latest trends, CoinDesk has a research page full of information that matter as far as bitcoin is concerned.

2) 99Bitcoins

99Bitcoins provides the most relevant and up to date information on bitcoin. Moreover, the site has useful resources to guide and help you just in case you would like to buy or spend bitcoin. As a bitcoin enthusiast, 99Bitcoin is a site you will definitely like.

3) CryptoCoinsNews

CryptoCoinsNews is a website that has distinguished itself by providing the latest bitcoin news. The coverage is business oriented and; in addition to bitcoin trends, you will also find the latest in mergers, new product offerings and price controls. If you are interested in real time updates about bitcoin, you cannot afford to ignore it.

4) Bitcoin Magazine

Bitcoin Magazine is a premier virtual currency publication that provides the best of updates in cryptocurrency and fintech in general. The articles are written by some of the most brilliant minds in the cryptocurrency sector including Vitalik Buterin, a bitcoin writer at Ethereum.

5) CryptoCrumb

If you are looking for a site that offers an in-depth analysis of information relating to cryptocurrency, CryptoCrumb is the site to visit. The writer, Danno Ferrin is a specialist in forensic blockchain analysis. You will agree with me that it is close to impossible to talk about bitcoin without a mention of blockchain.

6) 24/7 CryptoNews

24/7 Cryptonews is devoted to offering the latest news in bitcoin and altcoin. You will also find an informed analysis of the day’s fintech and business news in general.

7) Inside Bitcoins

InsideBitcoins provides the latest news in bitcoin. The site is an indispensable resource if you would like to remain ahead of your peers in bitcoin related discourse.

8) Bitcoinist

With an interviews section that provides expert views and insights into the world of bitcoin, Bitcoinist is such a resource for your in-depth understanding of the latest bitcoin trends. The site is absolutely worth your time.

9) Bitcoin Agile

Bitcoin Agile recognizes that you do not have all the time to check each and every bitcoin site. As such, the site sources useful articles from leading bitcoin websites and blogs and puts them together for your quick reading. By simply scanning through Bitcoin Agile, you will get all the bitcoin updates you need.

10) Great wall of Numbers

Great wall of numbers is dedicated to timely and accurate information relating to bitcoin, cryptocurrency, and financial technology sector as a whole. You will also find useful insights in economics, technology, and science. You will certainly like the site.

If you have any bitcoin website that you would like to recommend, please contact us. See also 20 websites where you can buy and sell bitcoin.

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