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10 Popular VC Firms Investing in Fintech

The fintech sector continues to attract the attention of investors the world over because of the high success records of fintech innovations and its potential to disrupt the finance industry. There are many fintech investors, some of whom are individuals and others are institutional investors. This article brings to you some popular VC firms investing in fintech. The main areas that investors focus on are:

  • Lending
  • Money transfers
  • Blockchain
  • Machine learning
  • Payment processing
  • Biometric authentication
  • Robo-advising
  • Wealth management

If you are starting a fintech business, or looking for Venture Capital investors, try contacting any of the following Venture Capital firms;

1) TTV Capital

TTV capital was established in 2000 and has its headquarters in Atlanta. It was one of the first venture capital firms to focus on financial technology. The company invests in both early stage and late stage fintech startups with innovative products and sustainable business models

2) General Atlantic

General Atlantic is headquartered in Palo Alto with branches in New York, Mexico, London, Greenwich and Amsterdam among other cities. The company invests in several sectors including financial services, internet, and technology.

3) Village Ventures

Based in Massachusetts, Village Ventures is a venture capital company investing in financial services sector and media.

4) Accion

The headquarters of Accion is Massachusetts but the firm has offices in Washington, Beijing, Ghana, Bogota and Bangalore. Accion is a non-profit company that seeks to promote economic inclusivity in the world. The company mainly invests in financial technology and financial services.

5) Anthemis Group

Anthemis Group is a venture investment and advisory company that operates in London and Luxemburg. Anthemis makes both early stage and late stage venture investment in companies that are dedicated to reinventing the financial services sector for the digital world. Key areas of focus are wealth and asset management, payments and technology.

6) Spark Capital

Spark Capital operates in Boston, New York and San Francisco, making early stage and late stage venture investments. Its areas of focus include financial services, mobile and software services.

7) First Round Capital

First Round Capital has offices in San Francisco, Philadelphia and New York. The company focuses on seed funding of fintech startups.

8) IA Ventures

IA Ventures in based in New York. The company provides funding to startups focused on fintech, Big Data, and financial services. IA ventures aims at helping these startups gain competitive advantage through the application of technology and innovation.

9) iNovia Capital

iNovia Capital has offices in several cities including Montreal, San Francisco, Toronto and New York. The company funds early stage entrepreneurs building innovative technology. Key areas of focus include fintech, SaaS, financial services and e-commerce.

10) QED Investors

QED Investors is a VC firm located in Virginia and investing in businesses that compete on the basis of information. The company makes seed, early stage, later stage and equity investments in fintech, financial services and internet and technology companies.

If you know other VC firms investing in Fintech businesses, tell us in the comment box bellow.

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