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10 Popular RegTech Startups in Ireland

Between 2009 and 2017, 54,000 regulatory documents have been published by 130 regulatory bodies in the G20 countries alone. The non-G20 countries have also published a considerable number of regulations. Regulatory technology is, therefore, an important innovation that is making regulatory work easier for both regulators and the regulated institutions. The following are 10 Popular RegTech startups in Ireland:

  1. Corlytics

Headquartered in Dublin, Corlytics was established in 2013. The company has since become a market leader in regulatory risk intelligence, not only in Ireland but also globally. The company recognizes that positive regulatory outcomes are of great significance to not only the regulator but also the regulated organisations and their clients. Corlytics has a unique way of analyzing regulatory data and other critical regulatory information. The company helps all stakeholders to achieve better regulatory planning and execution through the provision of evidence-based intelligence. To achieve this, the company has a diverse team that is made up of risk professionals, legal analysts and data scientists.

  1. TradeFlow

Founded in 2014, TradeFlow provides trade data tracking and risk alerting services to institutions. This is made possible by its blockchain enabled platform that has the capability of tracking trade data over legacy infrastructure. TradeFlow has a unique referencing system that can track every trade that is processed.

  1. Trustev

Trustev has been in operation since 2013. It provides multiple source identity confirmation solutions. This is an important aspect of KYC and anti-money laundering regulatory requirements.

  1. Vigitrust

Vigitrust was founded in 2003. Its solutions include information security, assessments, and testing. Vigitrust’s compliance portals make achieving and maintaining compliance easy and straight forward. It has comprehensive online programmes that help clients to achieve and maintain compliance.

  1. Fenergo

Fenergo was founded in 2009. Its solutions include KYC management, client onboarding and lifecycle management, client and counterparty data management, and digital client journey. Some of its clients include BBVA, Macquarie, Bank of China, Royal Bank of Scotland and Santander.

  1. RiskSystem

RiskSystem was founded in 2013 and provides comprehensive and cost effective regulatory risk management solutions to fund managers. Its integrated solutions include:

  1. Vizor

Vizor was founded in 2000. It is designed to help regulators in monitoring their regulated entities. Vizor software automates key financial supervision processes, increasing the timeliness of data while reducing errors and manual work.

  1. ViClarity

ViClarity was established in 2008 and provides automated risk compliance and reporting solutions. Its platform not only saves you time and money but also delivers efficiency, accountability and simplicity.

  1. MoneyMate

Founded in 1991, MoneyMate has since embraced innovation and new technologies to help financial institutions in managing key information documents. It collects, analyses, validates and distributes securely the data that financial companies worldwide need for their regulatory and business purposes.

  1. Accudelta

Accudelta was founded in 2015. Its solutions involve management of key information. It helps financial institutions meet their regulatory reporting needs more conveniently.

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