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10 Popular RegTech Firms Specialising in Regulatory Reporting

Regulatory reporting has increased significantly with regulators requiring more frequent and more granular reporting. Nevertheless, it is not immediately clear how effectively the regulators use data in their supervisory work. RegTech startups are helping financial institutions and fund managers to meet their reporting needs. Here are 10 popular regtech firms specialising in regulatory reporting.

  1. Abide Financial

Abide Financial is a UK based RegTech startup that was founded in 2010. The firm helps diverse clients meet regulatory reporting requirements efficiently. In 2015, Abide Financial launched NEX marketplace, a platform that provides a consolidated view of all services offered across the organization. Abide Financial’s services are consolidated so that you can search by various categories such as instrument, asset client, client type and business names that you are familiar with. The firm has a reputation for offering valuable solutions across all regulatory regimes. Notable solutions are:

  • Approved Reporting Mechanism (ARM) for MiFID
  • Regulatory Reporting Mechanism (RRM) for REMIT
  • A reporting hub for EMIR
  1. Accudelta

Accudelta was founded in 2015 and is based in Ireland. The firm helps clients to meet regulatory reporting requirements easily by having all relevant data consolidated into one place.

  1. AssetLogic

Founded in the UK in 2014, AssetLogic provides financial institutions with a central repository for investment data, making it easier for them to meet regulatory requirements. No need for spreadsheets or emails, AssetLogic provides a web-based source of secure, accurate and trackable information.

  1. BearingPoint

Established in the US, BearingPoint provides software solutions for various reporting needs including solvency reporting, regulatory reporting, complex instruments reporting and liquidity reporting. The firm is transforming regulatory reporting with adaptive intelligence.

  1. Cappitech

Cappitech is an Israeli firm that provides reporting solutions to financial institutions covering both the buy-side and sell-side. Capptivatech is a multijurisdictional and cloud-based regulatory reporting hub developed by Cappitech. The firm offers an easy and cost-effective reporting solution.

  1. ClauseMatch

Baes in the UK, ClauseMatch was founded in 2012. It provides solutions for the management of key information, making reporting easier. Its bird-eye view dashboard gives organisations oversight over drafting, review as well as critical events with notifications and document timelines thus identifying bottlenecks across the board. This makes the preparation of management reports much easier.

  1. CrowdCheck

CrowdCheck is a US-based RegTech startup that was established in 2012. Its solutions help financial institutions in regulatory reporting. Additionally, CrowdCheck helps with due diligence, disclosures, and compliance for online capital formation.

  1. Fintellix

Fintellix, now Verisk Analytics, is an Indian firm founded in 2006. The firm provides several RegTech solutions including banking data management, compliance as a Service (CaaS), loan reserve management and regulatory reporting. It has a comprehensive platform providing regulatory reporting solutions to financial institutions in different countries covering multiple subject areas such as securities exchange submissions, taxation, impaired asset and risk-based submissions.

  1. Fund Recs

Based in Ireland, Fund Recs was founded in 2013. It provides a useful platform for fund managers. Fund Recs recognizes that modern changes in the funds industry coupled with increasing investor demand for speed and accuracy, fast valuation and reporting is essential.

  1. FundApps

FundApps is a UK-based RegTech firm that was founded in 2010 and provides automatic beneficial ownership reporting solution. Additionally, the firm provides automatic disclosure requirement monitoring solutions, making regulatory reporting much easier.

The above firms may operate in more than one area; say, compliance, regulatory reporting, and KYC. Indeed, most RegTech firms will operate in several areas.  However, they appear on this list because each of them majorly provides regulatory reporting services, whether alongside other solutions or not.

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