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10 Popular Fintech Startups Incubators India

If you need some help starting your Fintech business in India, here is a list of 10 popular Fintech Startups Incubators in India. The India Fintech ecosystem is doing incredibly well. The country boasts of being among the largest startup countries with many digital and smart cities initiatives. To support the startup businesses, there are presently many startups incubators in the country setup by the Indian government, popular companies and industry leaders like Paypal and Microsoft. So if you need some help, contact the following :

1) Start Tank

Start Tank was launched in 2013 by PayPal to support startups in India. The incubator offers an obligation-free environment for startups to grow at its exclusive facility. It provides incubated startups with technology, business mentorship, and infrastructure support, networking opportunities, investors and customers.

As PayPal strives to transform money and has become a daily part of people’s financial lives, the incubator supports startups in Fintech and payment industry.

2) Oracle Startup Cloud Accelerator

Though Oracle Startup Cloud Accelerator  was launched recently, it has become very popular in India. It incubates 5-6 early-stage technology startups, helping them to develop their innovative solutions. Its programme gives fintech startups access to co-working space, partners and investors, Oracle’s customers and free credits on Oracle Cloud platform.

3) Microsoft Ventures

Microsoft Ventures is an early-to-middle-stage incubator that focuses on themes such as mobile applications, cloud services, Internet of Things, urban informatics, Big Data, and wearable technology. Startups gain access to technical and design experts, business mentorship, resources to help entrepreneurs quickly grow their business and an office space to grow their business.

4) Startup Village

Started in 2011, Startup Village  is a technology business incubator that is promoted by the government. To back its startups, it is in the midst of establishing an angel fund. It works with startups until they are able to generate revenue. It also provided a virtual incubation and the firms by default are chosen to make a pitch presentation to Startup Village Angel Fund.

5) GSF India

GSF is a startup incubator-cum-early-stage fund. It offers 13-week programme where the startups attend about 20 intensive workshops carried out by global experts. The incubator focus on three major themes: product strategy, business strategy, technology, marketing and venture funding.

6) Kyron

Located in Bagalore, Kyron is a global incubator for early-stage technology startups. It is supported by a team of experts in business strategy, technology architecture, marketing, customer relationship management, organizational effectiveness, fund raising, finance and design. The incubator also provides continued access to online resources, mentorship and Kyron alumni network.

7) Rainmatter

Rainmatter incubator creates new breed of highly innovative software and investment. With the help of Rainmatter, Fintech startups access mentorship, funds, data and research analysis

8) 10,000 Start-ups

10,000 Start-ups is among the top Fintech incubators in India. This startup incubator provides opportunities and platforms for companies to find the right technical and non-technical support.   It also offers mentorship and funds.

9) Barclays

Barclays  is building its Rise network physical fintech hubs in India, providing facilities for entrepreneurs who are seeking to shape financial services in India.  This fintech startups incubator provides a working environment, meeting rooms and event rooms for “innovative companies”.

10) Yes Bank

In collaboration with T-Hub YES Bank supports India Startups focusing on Fintech. Recently, the Yes Bank and T-Hub plan to build a Centre of Excellence for Fintech start-ups in India.

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