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10 Popular Fintech Startup Forums on Linkedin

 Fintech is a growing industry with new technologies, deals, and investment every week. For you to stay relevant and ahead in fintech sector, you need to stay on the most recent industry development. Well, that’s where fintech startup forums on Linkedin come in. Fintech startup forums can be your go-to groups to network with your peers, discuss the sector’s burning topics and learn about new developments.  We have highlighted the 10 popular fintech startups forums in Linkedin. Join them today and navigate the world of fintech.

1) FinTech 20/20

 FinTech 20/20 is for all participants in the fast expanding fintech ecosystem. It is one of the most popular forums for financial technology stakeholders in the world. The group is supported by Treasury Strategies, renowned consultant in payment and banking. Members post articles, share opinions and ask questions on relevant fintech topics.

2) FinTech Startups

 FinTech Startups is for fintech entrepreneurs who are looking for the latest updates about fintech technologies, job vacancies, events and more. Sponsored by Empire Startups, the forum brings you an opportunity to network with top industry minds.

3) Bank and Finance Technology

 Bank and Finance Technology exists to bring together technology and business executives, system developers and administrators from fintech. Members share their experiences regarding various systems and applications used in financial and banking institutions.

4) Mobile Payments, Fintech, MPOS

 This forum shares news and market data about mobile financial services and mobile payment technologies. The forum is also ideal for discussing about mobile point-of-sales (MPOS) strategies. One of the posts on the forum that has stirred up discussions is: Do consumers care about ApplePay, SamsungPay, and AndroidPay?

5) FINTECH Circle

FINTECH Circle is a forum where senior leaders, top executives, investors, entrepreneurs, visionaries and thought leaders from fintech gather. The aim of this group is to enable fintech firms to execute their vision and expand their fintech businesses.

6) Bank Innovation

 The motto of Bank Innovation is to make banking better. Therefore, if you are passionate about bringing innovation in banking, this group is for you!

7) Finance Club

The Finance Club focuses on assisting finance pros to grow their industry network, make more deals and enhance their career. Join the group if you work in the following sectors: accounting, capital markets, financial services, banking, Insurance etc.

8) Finance Plus

 Finance Plus is a fast-growing and active worldwide community of financial experts that focus on private equity, venture capital, and M&A news. The forum has over 150,000 members.

9) Finance Industry Professionals Worldwide

Finance Industry Professionals Worldwide is a finance forum for banking, insurance, mortgage, hedge funds, loans, brokerage, private equity, stock traders, accounting, securities, commodity, venture capitalist and audit professionals from America, India, China, Australia, Europe and Africa.

10) Treasury/Finance Careers

 Treasury/Finance Careers discusses career networking for finance profession and treasury management. Fintech entrepreneurs and investment managers discus about technology development in the financial sector, and share job opportunities and career advancement ideas.

Which LinkedIn forum will you be joining today?

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