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10 Popular Fintech Newspapers and News Sites.

 The fintech sector is so hot that it is becoming more and more difficult to keep up with all the different things that are coming up every day. There’s so much happening, it’s so interesting, and we think you should know the best sources of fintech news. So here we come to your help with a complete list of the popular fintech newspapers and new sites.

1) Daily News

Since launching Daily News, it has published over 2,100 daily news articles  and more than  90 weekly newsletters to their private list of entrepreneurs , industry players and  investors  , garnering more than 768,000 impressions worldwide. The daily news feed is intended to keep abreast on fintech, in 30 seconds or less.  Skim its headlines every day, and you will have something to say in your next meeting.

2) The Fintech Times

The Fintech Times   is an independent business newspaper that brings technology and finance together.   The newspaper is the first print publication in the UK that focuses on mobile, blockchain, data and artificial intelligence.

The Fintech Times is for everyone in banking and investment. Frequently, the newspaper explores a new fintech sector, interviewing experts and thought leaders, digging deep into the technology, people and ideas. Then taking that knowledge and presenting it in a format that company directors, entrepreneurs, investors and business-minded people can read at their leisure time.

3) Finance Magnates

Founded by Michael Greenberg in 2009, Finance Magnates publish very informative fintech news.  Using a powerful triangle of news, events, and research, it literally caters the needs of the whole global trading industry.

4), a joint venture between Market Platform Dynamics and Business Wire, is a newswire and information source that focuses on the payments industry.  The news site delivers news, researches, opinions, webinars, data points and contributions from payments. It mostly covers how mobile and online payments technologies will impact the e-commerce industry.

5) Bank Innovation

Bank Innovation, a news site produced by Royal Media, offers financial, professional with an open forum to read news and shares fintech information. It features the news pieces, trend lists, opinions and industry news roundup.

6) Daily Fintech

Daily Fintech is a fintech news platform founded by entrepreneurs. The site features company presentations, expert opinions, interviews and insights on the latest trends in fintech.

7) Fintech News Switzerland

Fintech News Switzerland covers news about the fintech ecosystem – i.e. personal finance, mobile payment, bitcoin, robo advisor, lending and blockchain – and start-ups in Europe and  Switzerland.  It also provides a bi-weekly newsletter with very important information about fintech in Europe.

8) FT Alphaville

FT Alphaville, a daily news and commentary service for commercial market professionals. In a world where there is a lot of professional information, there is a need to edit and filter, and still share some ideas along the way. That’s where FT Alphaville news site comes in.

9) Financial News

Financial News  is a news portal that covers fintech trends and news. It also offers researches, events coverage, analysis and interviews of fintech entrepreneurs.

10) Bank Systems & Technology

Bank Systems & Technology‘s editorial mission is to provide banking executives involved in technology management with the targeted and timely news analysis and information they need to help their institutions reduce risk while improving competitiveness, customer retention, and financial performance.

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