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10 Popular Fintech London Events

Fintech events are so many and the sector is becoming increasingly hot that it is hard to keep up with all the various things that are happening in the Fintech world. Here are the 10 popular Fintech London Events you should attend.

1) Finovate Europe

Finovate Europe showcases the most innovative and the best new banking and financial technologies. Some of the areas  that are covered in the event are: next-generation online banking platforms, youth banking, credit, personal financial management, social investing, mobile apps, big data, security solutions, new marketing tools, person-to- person lending, alternative payments, and debit reward. This year, the event occurred in February. If you missed, attend the next year event.

2) Retail Banking Innovation

The objective of Retail Banking Innovation is to develop digital banking proposition and utilize the latest models of innovation. The Retail Banking Innovation Event 2016 took place in February 23-24, 2016. More than 160 delegates attended the event. Conference content included mapping the future of retail banking, examples of internal innovation, various models of external innovation, best practice approaches to data analytics, and principles of sandbox testing new technologies.

3) AltFI Europe Summit 2016

AltFi Europe is a London event that covers marketplace lending, equity crowdfunding, trade finance, direct lending and P2P. The event uses thought provoking information to bring together fintech investors.  If you attend the event, expect to see several representatives from a multitude of sub-sector. The 2017 Summit will be held on 30th March 2017. The event will take you deeper into the inner workings of the alternative finance.

4) Innovate Finance Global Summit

Innovate Finance Global Summit is an event that aims to advance the UK’s standing as a leader in fintech innovation.  The 2016 event took place on April 7-8, 2016. The event gathers together over 1,500 fintech enthusiasts, financial sector specialists, Innovate Finance members, emerging startups and government leaders.

5) Finance Magnates London Summit

The Finance Magnates London Summit is the largest B2B financial industry event in Europe, with a special focus on capital markets, trading and investing. The event is also home to blue chip networking opportunities, cutting-edge product launches, and compelling panel sessions. It is a must-attend event for the world’s trading sector leaders. This year event will be held on 2 November 2016

6) SME & Commercial Banking Conference

SME & Commercial Banking Conference brings together fintech regulators and experts to discover the emergence of fintech innovation.  Topics discussed during the event include fintech law, the customers that businesses want, alternative finance options and funding.

7) PayExpo London

PayExpo London event delivers an audience from banking, telecom, retail, finance and technology providers. Their agendas cover the most pressing fintech topics. The event’s aim is to bring the industry together to develop the payment marketplace and disturb the status quo.

8) London Technology Week.

London Technology Week connects the tech ecosystem, cultivates London as an international powerhouse of technology, and create a stable growth environment.

9) Emerging Payments Awards

Emerging Payments Awards   recognizes the best people, innovation, and programs in the payment industry. This year’s event will be held on 12th October 2016.

10) London Fintech Weeks

London Fintech Week is a series of workshops, meetups and parties. Each day the event focuses on different fintech topic. The event is ongoing and is expected to end on 22nd July 2016. The event attracts some of the brightest minds in financial services. The commons topics in the event include money and payments, capital markets, banking, insurance, data, security, and Blockchain.

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