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10 Popular Fintech Influencers Globally

Onalytica conducted a study in which they analysed a wide range of online data with an Influencer Relationship Management Software. As a result, they identified leading individual and brand fintech influencers globally. This article focuses on individual fintech influencers as opposed to the brand or corporate influencers. Here are the Top 10 fintech influencers globally according to the latest ranking.

  1. Spiros Margaris

Spiros Margaris was ranked number one global fintech influencer. He is a venture capitalist and a senior advisor at the University of Toronto. Some of his innovations include Win-Win Fee Model, Fintech Supermarket, My 3 Choices and Fintech Agent. Just recently, in March 2017, Spiros was named the number one DACH fintech influencer by fintech Switzerland. Many other global rankings conduted by different bodies including Klout, Insurtech News, Right Relevance have placed him on top of their lists.

  1. Chris Gledhill

Chris Gledhill has made it to the top of several fintech influencer lists. He is a co-founder and CEO of Secco. Chris is a speaker and a writer of fintech, the future of financial services and banking. Before leaving to found Secco, he was in charge of disruptive innovation labs at Lloyds Banking Group.

  1. Eileen Burbidge

Eileen Burbidge is a partner at the London-based Passion Capital, a leading early stage technology VC investment company in Europe. Additionally, she has been the chairperson of the Tech City, UK. She has also served as a special fintech envoy for Her Majesty’s Treasury.

  1. Florian Graillot

Florian Graillot is a senior associate at AXA strategic ventures. He invests in European early stage technology startups with a focus on insurance and asset management. He has extensive knowledge in investment and finance modelling.

  1. Jim Marous

Jim Marous is a fintech strategist, publisher, and a keynote speaker. He has previously been named as the most influential person in banking. Indeed, he is a top financial strategist in the world. As an authority in disruptive financial technology, he has been featured by the wall street, CNB, CNN, The New York Times, The Economist, The Financial Times, The Irish Tech News and Accenture.

  1. Christopher Danvers

Christopher Danvers is an expert in digital payments and financial services and a keynote speaker. He has over 14 years working experience in credit union and payments industries. Christopher is a thought leader in the payments industry. He is currently the head of payments and digital banking at American Airlines Federal Credit Union.

  1. Oscar Jofre Jr.

Oscar Jefri co-founded KoreCox, a capital markets and crowdfunding platform that has become a global leader. He is currently the company’s CEO. Oscar is a technology innovator as well as an entrepreneur.

  1. Oliver Bussmann

Oliver Bussmann is a senior technology executive who has over 25 years of influential leadership in high-tech and financial services industries. Additionally, he is a thought leader in the blockchain, enterprise mobility, fintech and cloud computing.

  1. Sebastian Meunier

Sebastian Meunier is passionate about new technologies and financial innovation. Additionally, he is a fintech influencer, mentor, and a speaker. He has a good understanding of machine learning, blockchain and open architectures collectively referred to as new technologies.

  1. David M. Brear

David Brear has a long experience in financial services technology. He has consistently been voted as one of the most influential figures in fintech, insurance, and banking. Together with Chris Skinner, David has launched an investment fund that aims to invest in early stage blockchain startups. Additionally, the fund will seek to clarify the issue of blockchain development to banks.

Different rankings may not necessarily rank these fintech influencers in the same order but at least each of them will always appear in the top 10. If you feel that we have left out an influencer who has consistently appeared in top 10 fintech influencers globally, feel free to comment below with their name.

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