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10 Popular Fintech Directories To List and Find Fintech Businesses

With so many new companies offering new financial technologies, it is often hard to get detailed company information and statistics that can help you personally. However, when you use the best fintech directories, you understand fintech companies and the products they offer better. The following are the 10 popular fintech directories you should consider checking out.

1) Tech City News Directory

Tech City News Directory lists more than 400 fintech companies and the number is growing each day. The directory is intended exclusively for companies in and around London.  The directory reserves the right not to list a particular company, subject to its editorial policies.

2) Next Bank Fintech Directory

Next Bank Fintech Directory is the world’s most complete fintech start-up directory. If you want to find and discover the best start-ups and companies, this directory is for you.  The document provides a simple overview of players in the fintech ecosystem, including start-ups, financial services firms, investors, associations, media, and so on.


Tech Directory enables you to get a detailed list of fintech companies in different countries. It is an Online technology Directory for Innovative Technologies. It has details of many other technology innovations in Artificial intelligence, business intelligence, big data, and more

4 ) Financial Technology Directory

Financial Technology Directory is one of the most comprehensive fintech directories covering almost all fintech sectors. You can use it to access fintech companies that specialize in asset management systems, consultancy, data solutions, global payments and transfers, insurance systems, marketing, middle and back-office solutions, retail banking systems, risk management systems, trading systems and commercial banking systems.

5) BizStanding   

BizStanding is a complete business directory that includes virtually every small and large business in the US. It is the leading free business listing in the world. The directory offers detailed contact information for numerous fintech firms. It can even help you find company information that you didn’t know existed.

6) Private Banking & Wealth Management Directory

Private Banking & Wealth Management Directory offers its users with complimentary access to an unrivaled extensive company’s information across the globe. The directory lists financial services providers by the world’s regions.

7) This is Fintech

This is Fintech directories is a single point of access for London’s fintech scene. It brings together the start-ups, the community, and the events that are shaping London’s Fintech ecosystem.

8) Fintank

Fintank has built a global database, gathering all international innovations across the Financial Services industry. The directory enables you to access the largest database of innovations in financial services, with more than 500 company profiles

9) Fintech Hong Kong

FinTech Hong Kong directory allows you to access Hong Kong’s fintech scene. The directory lists all the start-ups that are shaping Hong Kong’s FinTech ecosystem.

10) LeadFerret Directory

LeadFerret Directory has contacts of top fintech companies. Each contact in this directory includes full information, including telephone numbers, email addresses, and social media links where applicable.

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