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10 Popular Crowdfunding Sites to Try Today

The Crowdfunding industry experts estimated 26.87 percent CAGR till 2020 at the beginning of 2016. The global crowdfunding industry raised $34 billion, according to 2015 Massolution Crowdfunding Industry Report.   The industry is growing fast and re-adjusting the way entrepreneurs fund their creative endeavors. It appears to be creating opportunity in virtually everything, from raising capital for startups to getting school fees for students. Here are 10 popular crowdfunding sites to try today:

 1) Experiment

Experiment focuses on sciences only. Therefore, if your project has no relation to science, you had better try another site. If you have a project in any scientific field, this is the crowdfunding site to visit without delay. Your request for funds from investors who may be interested in your project must demonstrate the problem that the project aims to solve. You must also demonstrate that you are an expert in the areas that you want to research on.

2) Fund Anything

Fund Anything, as the name suggests, has no limitation as to the type of project that you can seek finance for. The only limitation is that you should not seek funding for an illegal activity. It may be a wedding party, a birthday party or even raising funds for a medical bill. Contributions come from your friends, relatives and community members willing to help you. All you need to do is create a listing where your campaign can be reviewed and people can give their support. You can also share your listing on a social media platform such as Facebook to ensure that your friends are aware of your fundraising.

3) FunderHut

FunderHut is a crowdfunding website that provides small businesses, individuals, and non-profits a platform to raise money. If you opt to use this website, you have to choose one of the two available options. One option allows you to raise funds but you will not get anything unless you are able to meet your target. The second option allows you to raise and keep whatever amount you get even if it’s below the target. Although the site will allow you to fundraise for personal ventures, it generally encourages community-based projects.

4) Indiegogo

Indiegogo crowdfunding site allows you to seek funds for your personal ventures. Your project may be related to music, art, technology, religion or health among others. So far, Indiegogo has been used by celebrities aiming at bringing film ideas to reality and people with the aim of improving life in their community. You may choose the fixed option where you pay a 4% fee or the flexible option where you pay a 9% fee if you do not reach your goal.

5) Kickstarter

If you are an artist seeking to crowdfund a project, Kickstart is the best site for you. The range of projects for which you can seek funding on this website is limitless as long as you have a clear idea of the project. You should also be prepared to share the results with members of the community.

6) Patreon

Patreon is a site that allows artists to access crowdfunding. The main requirement is that you allow those who give, usually a monthly stipend, access to all your content. The site is specifically for creation and distribution of creative content. You cannot crowdfund for vacations and payment of debts.

7) PledgeMusic

PledgeMusic offers a crowdfunding opportunity to individual addition to allowing people to raise fund for their album launch. The website also connects artists to their fans hence boosting their sales.

8) Pozible

Pozible is an international crowdfunding site that accepts pledges in several currencies and formats including bitcoin. A key requirement is that the target must be met, otherwise, you will not get anything.

9) RocketHub

RocketHub does not have restrictions as to the kind of projects that you wish to fund. However, your project should not be illegal. The site allows you to keep whatever amount you raise even if it is below your target.

10) Tilt

Tilt is a crowdfunding business that allows communities and groups to fundraise, collect, or pool money online.  In the last three years, the Tilt platform has been very popular among community organizers and college students. According to Social Times, Tilt is the fastest-growing crowdfunding platform— defeating stalwarts, Kickstarter, and GoFundMe.

If you have been wondering how to get funding for any legal project or activity, worry no more. The above crowdfunding sites provide the answer. You only need to visit the one that best suits your project and preference.

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