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10 Popular Big Data Software and Tools We Found for you.

Data processing is a do-or-die requirement for businesses today. There are many Big Data software out there. Many of them promise to save you money, time and help you find never-before-seen insights. Although that may be true, navigating the internet for the possible best software can be difficult when there are numerous choices to select from. The following are some of the most popular Big Data software we found for you:

  1. Apache Hadoop

Originally developed by Mike Cafarella and Doug Cutting in 2006, Apache Hadoop is an open-source software framework. It is made to handle numerous data sets. It consists of two main parts: MapReduce and Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS). HDFS is a storage part while MapReduce is a processing part.  The software is scalable, cost effective, flexible, fast and resilient to failure.

  1. Apache Spark

Apache Spark is fast developing as a data processing software built around ease of use, sophisticated analytics and speed. Built in 2009, Spark has over 250 developers who are contributing to it already. Frequently, this software is used as an alternative to Hadoop because of its ability to analyse data faster for some applications.

  1. Apache Storm

Apache Storm  is used to processes various streaming data including logs or social data. It is a real-time computation that enables users to process limitless streams of data. You can use it for any programming language. Apache Storm advantages include fault tolerance, ease of use and scalability.

  1. Apache Flink

Apache Flink  is known for processing data fast with high fault tolerance and low data latency. The software processes streaming data in real time. Apache Flink developed quickly as big data processing software and within months, it had captured the attention of a wider audience.

  1. Attivio

Attivio software empowers users to get the right data, work with it and quickly use it to make decisions. Many of the world’s top brands rely on this software to gain visibility into their information.

  1. Splunk

Splunk software helps users to search, monitor, and process machine-generated data, through web-style interface. The software collects, indexes, and correlates data in a searchable source from which it can create visualizations, dashboards, alerts, reports and graphs.

  1. Samza

Samza is a popular data processing software. It is built on YARN for cluster resource management and Apache Kafka for messaging. Companies that use Samza include LinkedIn, Intuit, MobileAware, Fortscale and Project Florida.

  1. DataPlay

DataPlay is a cloud based software suite that automates data processing and reporting. It significantly cuts time spent on processing and presentation of data. DataPlay has a lot of success stories with clients.


SAP HANA provides users with the ability to store, search, process, explore, and analyse interlinked and textual data with relationships. SAP HANA benefits and capabilities include advanced analytics processing, openness, data access and database services.

  1. Bottlenose

Bottlenose makes data processing easy.  The software analyses business data to detect trends for brands. It detects trends in huge amounts of fast changing data. The software is used by many successful enterprises to make decisions.

For more information about any listed big data software, please visit their respective websites. If you know any software that should be on our list, send an email to us or make a comment below.

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