10 Places to study Blockchain Technology Courses Online

Blockchain technology became popularised through the invention of Bitcoin in 2008 by the allegedly Japanese Satoshi Nakamoto, unknown inventor of  Bitcoin, the first blockchain and the first decentralized digital currency.

Blockchain technology has since then become the foremost software or platform upon which other digital assets are built. With the explosion of other cryptocurrency and uses of blockchain technology, many are looking to build their knowledge in this area to enable them make the best of this opportunity. Blockchain technology is being used by revolutionary minds not just in the financial sector or investment industry but also in areas such as fashion, healthcare, gaming, and more. It is possible to apply this technology to literally every area of life with the assurance of security and integrity. If you are looking for online courses on blockchain, you should check out some of these:

1) IBM:

IBM offers some of the most extensively taught courses on blockchain on its website and on its Cognitive Class platform. Although they do not offer certifications, they are amongst the most well taught, expert courses on blockchain technology. IBM’s Blockchain 101: Quick-Start Guide which is based on the Hyperledger Fabric from the Linux foundation is a collaboration of both elements to deliver expert knowledge of blockchain technologies for developers. It is taught by developers and will offer knowledge on public and private blockchains as well as distributed ledger technologies. It is however made for experts and developers who already have prior knowledge of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

2) B9 Lab Academy

The B9 Lab Academy provides extensive courses on blockchain technology for developers, analysts, technical executives and other technical experts. It caters to specific and expert interest as its courses aim to provide experienced technical participants with expanisve information needed to understand the technology behind blockchain, smart contracts, how they can be applied and the technical as well as social frameworks behind them. Its range of courses includes the Hyperledger Fabric but also  includes Blockchain theories. The combination of free and paid courses are best suited to the decision makers who should have this information in order to make the right decisions for the organisation or products.

3) Udemy

The Udemy online platform offers comprehensive courses on Blcokchain technology and the blockchain ecosystem, catering to an array of users from the beginner to the experts. Some of its courses can take anyone with zero knowledge to a full understanding of Blockchain, how it works, how it can be applied and what surrounds it. The courses on Udemy are offered by experts in the field who can deliver on important areas such as security as well as on others such as the essentials. It offers all the resources on blockchain technology, development, cryptography, tips and tools.

4) Blockgeeks

Blockgeeks is an on-demand training and learning platform for those interested in learning about blockchain technology. It offers introductory courses, weekly mentoring, technical and non-technical courses, master courses, information on smart contracts, block chain application and development and much more. Its wide range of courses feature videos from expert teachers and a continuously growing library, updated with the latest in blockchain technology. It also offers an opportunity to practice with quizzes and interactive code challenges.

5) Simplilearn

Simplilearn offers a self-paced learning environment for individuals alongside corporate training solutions to provide for different needs in its training on blockchain technology. It has high quality content for its blockchain certification training course which was designed by experts in the industry and meets the different needs of its participants. Overall, simplilearn seeks to teach everything participants need to know about blockchain technology to equip them for dealing with and engaging in the industry.

6) Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a non-profit, training facility that seeks to provide free education to anyone, anywhere leveraging the power of the internet. It is taking this initiative into the blockchain technology sector by offering free courses on Blockchain. It offers a number of courses on Bitcoin and blockchain in general which are beneficial to both beginners and experts as it breaks down blockchain technology effectively and for free. It is a good place to start and build up the required foundation for engaging blockchain technology.

7) Class Central

Class Central helps you find free online Blockchain courses and Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) from various top universities and colleges from around the world. These classes cover blockchain in general as well as in specific sectors or topics such as the energy sector. There are a number of self-paced courses as well as some with set timelines.  It shows a range of courses from different sites and providers which provide you with the necessary information on blockchain technology and its application.

8) Coursera

Coursera offers over 17 blockchain courses from top universities, colleges and institutions around the world. Its wide array of courses include the popular Princeton blockchain course but also others from Rutgers University, IBM, Princeton, New York State University, NYU’s Tandon School of Engineering, the Indian School of Business, and much more. They cover foundational bitcoin and blockchain theories as well as issue topics such as security and software design.

9) Blockstrap

Blockstrap offers a beginners guide to blockchain technology in a series of slides covering topics such as transactions, blockchains, mining, and more. It is a free course with no certification but can be taken anywhere at a self-paced manner. It does not require any registration and is one of the easiest ways to learn about blockchain technology.

10) Edx

Edx is a well-known organiser of MOOCs which hosts university courses online in various fields. It offers a unique blockchain course tailored to business application of this technology. Its Blockchain for Business course introduces Hyperledger and teaches how to utilise this innovative technology for businesses.

With blockchain technology making such a huge splash in various industries, the education sector is not left out. One of the challenges however is the constantly changing ecosystem which necessitates constant learning and keeping up to date with developments in the industry. However, these courses offer a great foundation for anyone looking to learn about blockchain technology.

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