10 Must Things to Add in Your Gaming Room

The hardcore gamers take the playing time very seriously. So they need a dedicated space for this hobby or lifestyle. But, for them, a proper gaming area or chair is not enough.

They need other accessories and tech gadgets to enhance the gaming experience. In addition, they require an optimal gaming setup, whether to play on a PC or with a game console.

An ideal gaming zone should strike a proper balance between comfort and functionality. The following are some necessary things a gaming room must have:

Gaming Chair

In a gaming room, you need a chair to sit comfortably for long hours without getting uncomfortable or tired. You can use a recliner or a bean bag as they provide secure and dorsal support. 

It should be comfortable enough that your body won’t hurt if you take a nap or sit for long periods. There are lots of designs, shapes, colors, and materials available in the market or online.

You can pick one based on your budget as well as preference. You can install multiple seats to create a proper seating arrangement for friends or guests. Moreover, some recliner chairs have speakers, interactive vibrators, cupholders, etc. 

They can best rush the adrenaline in you.

Game Inspiration

Sometimes, after spending long exhausting hours in challenging games, gamers get disheartened because of continuous failure. So they need inspiration to resume the game. So, that time wall décor plays a significant role.

Decorate the gaming room wall with images of your favorite games, characters, or anything that keeps you interested in resuming the game. Your entire wall is like a blank canvas that you can cover with an oversized art piece. You can buy the best wall prints for your gaming room from trusted sites. 

It is a fantastic way to motivate you as well as decorate a gaming room. You can also express your personality through these images and create a realm of imagination throughout the gaming room. 

Install TV, Monitor, or Projector

Apart from a gaming desk or chair, adding a flat-screen TV or a projector in a room is necessary. Because many people do not feel comfortable playing on computers, so big screens are a must.

It will allow you to enjoy the games on a larger display and have a good experience. Moreover, installing a streamlined TV will enable you to customize the range and size anytime.

Connect LED TV or projector to the consoles, speakers, and other gaming essentials properly. Then, for the great experience, have an appropriate sound system, high-definition TV, and advanced gaming consoles.


The gaming room environment is always loud to enhance the room’s atmosphere. Most people use headphones to conceal the loud volume. But some may not like wearing them so that they can use soundproofs.

It will help to control noise, and your neighbors will not complain about your loud gaming sessions. Moreover, it does not affect your pocket much but is effective in decreasing noise pollution.

For installing sound proofs appropriately, attach them with ceilings or walls. Then layer the drywall or insulating foams to cancel the noise inside the structures.

Fun Murals

While decorating a video game room, you can take ideas directly from games. For example, draw a fun mural of a puzzle game. It can be an inspiration for exciting gaming tournaments with friends and stylish wall decor.

Paint the gaming room wall with several colors to make a fun mural that gives a bold statement. Use white and some pastel shades to boost the high energy and playfulness.

Lighting Setup

You must focus on setting lights in the gaming room properly. Light fixtures make a video game room more exciting, so you must take it seriously. So, fix the proper amount of ambient lighting so that actions on a screen do not make your eyes blind.

Install offset spotlights with recessed lights on the ceiling to have significant lighting effects. They help you improve the illumination in a game room without disturbing the screen actions.

Also, you can introduce blue or red-colored ambient lighting to have a surreal atmosphere.

The Library

All video game lovers or serious players often acquire a collection of video and board games, gaming consoles, various assorted merchandise, etc. So, you can convert an empty space into a furnished library.

There, you can display your entire collection on the bookshelves, CD racks, or other wall-mounted shelves. Then, sprinkle some toys, figurines, and game-related merchandise on these shelves to create a tremendous impact.

It is an excellent way to display your rare possessions like books in the traditional library.

Gaming Table

For playing board games, design a gaming room setup with a centre table in the middle. You can either use a large table or a customized coffee table with cabinets for storage.

It provides you a space for playing games on it with friends and family. Use its bottom cabinets to store board games safely. In addition, you can use this table for placing snacks and drinks while enjoying video games.

A Pub Area

Sometimes, you enjoy long gaming sessions with friends while drinking. So, design a fantastic bar in a gaming room that will surely make your friends jealous. This idea works well if you set up a gaming room plus a bar in a basement.

For visual impact, incorporate a nightclub or bar look in the gaming area.

Blackout Blinds

Although natural lighting is good as it illuminates the room and saves electricity, it can create a headache while playing video games. In addition, it makes it harder to focus on gaming sessions.

So, install blackout blinds or dark curtains. They are the best way to decorate a video game room. The best option is to use roller blinds as they let you manage the height on windows easily.

Closing Thoughts 

Once you sort out all the accessories, your room still needs a flare.  If you like esports, try to get hands-on statues from International tournaments that remind you about some greatest moments in history. 

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