10 Must Have Travel Mobile Apps Every Traveler Needs

Nowadays, all tasks are accomplished through the use of the phone.   Smartphones are convenient and portable. So the mobile travel apps on the smartphone have reduced the paperwork, and now it is very convenient to save the soft copies of flight and hotel reservations, etc., on your smartphone. In fact, there are apps to do each and every specific work. Take for example, there are apps to do online ticket booking, hotel booking,  even exploring new destinations and locating local attractions. Not only that, these apps have additional information about the reviews of a particular destination, pictures, feedback about the airline, hotel, etc.

Because of their huge demand, there is no shortage of mobile travel apps. Android and Apple marketplaces are fully cluttered with several travel mobile apps.

To start, a mobile travel app refers to a software application that has explicitly been developed for use on smartphones and tablets. Travelers can use this app to book and manage their travel itinerary and complete other tasks. Here are some of the must-have travel mobile apps.


Coming first on our list of must-have mobile travel apps for a traveler, the Aertrip app is a travel planning app. Using AI-powered interfaces, Aertrip’s chatbot is very capable of addressing all travel-related processes, such as furnishing travel information. In addition, advice and planning for tours, accommodation, hotel and flight booking and transport arrangements are also handled efficiently with 100 % accuracy.


As the name suggests, Incredible India is an innovative app that gives information about popular sightseeing places, restaurants, hotels, and other rich experiences that India has to offer. This app has been developed by the Ministry of Tourism and has essential details about various cities and landmarks in the country. So no more depending on word of mouth if you want to explore India. This app is available for download on the Apple and Google Play stores.


Available on iOS and Android,  this app comes with many tricks and tips. Flight fares often change, and it can be very frustrating for a traveler to know that the fare has come down just after the ticket has been purchased. This app will suggest the best time to book the flight and get a reasonable fare.


Having a good and enjoyable trip requires a lot of planning. Yet, many lack the expertise of doing it. However, there is no need to get dejected. The savior is in the form of the travel app Triplt.   Once you login in, details such as duration, budget, time, etc., need to be entered, then the Triplt app will plan and create a suitable itinerary. In addition, these details can also be synced with flight, hotel car, and other reservations by using the calendar on the smartphone. This app is available for download on the Apple and Google Play stores.


Packpoint app can be linked with a travel planner app like Triplt mentioned above. As the name indicates, it is a free travel packing list organizer. The Packpoint app gives a list of essential items that are needed for the trip, be it business or pleasure. Going a step further, it also tells what to pack based on the destination’s weather conditions. It is easily downloadable from the Apple app store and Google Play store.


Travelling long distances with stopovers etc., can drain the energy out of the traveler. In such cases, the executive lounges with complimentary food and drink, comfy chairs, and more can be a savior.   However, these services come at a price. But by using the LoungeBuddy App, you only need to pay a one-time fee with no subscription charges. Then select the airport, day of travel, and pick a lounge. You will then receive a pass and enjoy the comforts of premium travel without taking the membership. This app works on iOS and Android.


This app helps the traveler to track travel expenses. So those with strict budget constraints will find this app very helpful. It has the option to split bills and also to convert currencies. It can be downloaded on the Apple app store and Google Play store.


Duolingo is a language app but is considered on this list because of its travel-related benefits. For instance, if you travel to a different place, a basic understanding of signs and phrases will make your stay more pleasurable. This app is straightforward and helps people learn new languages such as Japanese, Spanish,  Frech, German, Russian, etc. This app can be downloaded into an iOS and Android device.


This is another vital travel mobile app that every traveler needs. While traveling, no one wants to take the risk of or confusion of public transport. Sometimes there is not enough cash or tip to pay a regular cab driver. In such circumstances, Uber is the safest and best option. It is cheaper, more efficient and more dependable than a regular taxi. This app can be downloaded on iOS and Android.

10. MAPS.ME:

This is one more unique but meaningful travel mobile app.   Whenever you choose to visit a new place or a new country, you are sure to require some sort of navigation aid such as a map. Nowadays, gigantic folding maps are so passe. Maps. Me has maps that can be viewed offline. This is one great advantage. You do not need to pay international roaming data tariffs.   This app can be downloaded on iOS and Android devices.


This page has just some of the different travel mobile apps that are very useful for travelers. In addition, some other apps such as Roadtrippers, Skiplagged, and Maven are worth a favorable mention.

A word of caution is also deemed worthy of mention here. Because of the massive demand for travel-related mobile apps, there are multiple substitutes for some of the apps mentioned above.   So before installing any of the apps, it is best to check out their reviews and then go ahead so that you can enjoy a smooth and hassle-free trip.

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