10 Must-Have Outdoor Tech Gadgets for Kids in 2024

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Recently technology continues to revolutionize the way kids engage with the outdoors. With the right gadgets, children can enjoy the benefits of outdoor play while also embracing modern innovations. From smart bikes to GPS trackers, here are ten must-have outdoor tech gadgets for kids in 2024 that encourage exploration, adventure, and learning.

Woom UP Electric Bike:

The Woom UP Electric Bike is designed to make outdoor cycling more exciting for kids. This lightweight e-bike features a powerful motor and battery, providing an extra boost on challenging terrains. It’s perfect for adventurous children who love exploring nature. With adjustable settings, it ensures a safe and enjoyable ride.

Key Features:

Lightweight and powerful
Adjustable motor settings
Enhances outdoor cycling experience

Garmin vivofit jr. 3:

The Garmin vivofit jr. 3 is a kid-friendly fitness tracker that encourages outdoor activity. It tracks steps, sleep, and active minutes, motivating kids to stay active. The watch also includes fun educational games and challenges that unlock as children reach their fitness goals. Parents can monitor their child’s activity through the Garmin app.

Key Features:

Tracks steps, sleep, and active minutes
Educational games and challenges
Parent monitoring via app

Walkie Talkies by Retevis:

Walkie talkies are a classic outdoor gadget, and the Retevis Walkie Talkies bring modern technology to this beloved tool. These durable, easy-to-use devices allow kids to communicate over long distances, making outdoor adventures safer and more interactive. They feature clear sound quality and long battery life, perfect for camping, hiking, or backyard play.

Key Features:

Durable and easy to use
Long-distance communication
Clear sound quality and long battery life

Ozobot Bit Coding Robot:

The Ozobot Bit Coding Robot is a tiny, smart robot that teaches kids coding through outdoor play. It follows lines and responds to color codes drawn on paper or created through an app. This gadget combines the joy of outdoor exploration with the educational benefits of learning to code. It’s perfect for tech-savvy kids who love challenges.

Key Features:

Teaches coding through play
Responds to lines and color codes
Combines outdoor exploration with education

Kidizoom Action Cam by VTech:

The Kidizoom Action Cam by VTech is a durable, kid-friendly camera designed for outdoor adventures. It captures photos and videos in various environments, including underwater, thanks to its waterproof case. The camera features fun effects, frames, and games, allowing kids to document their outdoor activities creatively.

Key Features:

Durable and waterproof
Captures photos and videos
Fun effects, frames, and games

Tinkering Labs Electric Motors Catalyst:

The Tinkering Labs Electric Motors Catalyst kit inspires creativity and problem-solving in the great outdoors. This kit includes motors, batteries, and building components that kids can use to create their own robotic inventions. It’s a fantastic way to combine outdoor play with hands-on STEM learning.

Key Features:

Encourages creativity and problem-solving
Includes motors, batteries, and components
Combines outdoor play with STEM learning

SpyX Night Mission Goggles:

SpyX Night Mission Goggles are perfect for nighttime adventures. These high-tech goggles feature LED lights and a magnifying lens, allowing kids to see in the dark. They’re ideal for outdoor games, backyard explorations, and camping trips. The goggles enhance the fun of night play while promoting safety.

Key Features:

LED lights and magnifying lens
Enhances night vision
Ideal for outdoor games and explorations

GeoPalz iBitz Kids Activity Tracker:

The GeoPalz iBitz Kids Activity Tracker motivates kids to stay active through rewards and interactive apps. This wearable device tracks steps and physical activity, syncing with an app that offers fun games and challenges. It’s a great way to encourage outdoor play and physical fitness in a tech-savvy way.

Key Features:

Tracks steps and physical activity
Interactive app with games and challenges
Encourages physical fitness and outdoor play

Flybrix Drone Kit:

The Flybrix Drone Kit lets kids build and fly their own drones. This DIY kit includes all the components needed to create a functioning drone, along with easy-to-follow instructions. Kids can customize their drones and take them on outdoor flights, combining creativity with engineering skills. It’s an exciting gadget for young drone enthusiasts.

Key Features:

Build and fly your own drone
Customizable components
Combines creativity with engineering

Jiobit Real-Time Location Tracker:

The Jiobit Real-Time Location Tracker is a small, durable device that ensures kids’ safety during outdoor activities. It provides real-time location updates, allowing parents to monitor their child’s whereabouts through a smartphone app. The tracker is designed to be worn discreetly, making it an essential gadget for peace of mind during outdoor adventures.

Key Features:

Real-time location updates
Monitored through a smartphone app
Small, durable, and discreet


Since the introduction of technology, outdoor tech gadgets are transforming the way kids engage with the world around them. These ten must-have gadgets not only enhance outdoor play but also incorporate educational and safety features. From smart bikes and fitness trackers to coding robots and location trackers, these tools encourage children to explore, learn, and stay active. Investing in these gadgets ensures that kids can enjoy the benefits of outdoor activities while also embracing modern technology. Parents can feel confident that their children are engaging in safe, enriching experiences that promote physical fitness, creativity, and learning. Keep an eye on the latest deals to find these fantastic gadgets and help your kids discover the joy of outdoor exploration in the digital age.

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