10 Must-Have Dental Apps of 2023 With the Power To Elevate Your Oral Hygiene

Oral Hygiene

The era of depending solely on conventional dental knowledge is behind us. Embrace the digital era with an in-depth exploration of the best dental health applications currently accessible. These apps revolutionize your approach to maintaining your teeth, from tracking your brushing routines to deciphering oral health terminology.

10 Best Dental Apps For Your Oral Hygiene

Brush DJ

Are you aware that a majority of dentists suggest brushing for a minimum of two minutes in one go? You might have been acquainted with this fact, but managing time during brushing can pose a challenge. 

Now, with the assistance of Brush DJ, a tool that randomly plays a song for a complete two minutes, you can effortlessly maintain the recommended brushing duration while enjoying some groovy melodies. This application additionally provides prompts for altering your toothbrush, remembering to floss, and other oral care aspects.

It works for both manual and electric toothbrushes. Make sure you use only the best toothbrush charger to keep brushing for two minutes and enjoying your favorite music.

Brushing Hero

Catering to the younger demographic seeking motivation for oral hygiene, the Brushing Hero application boasts a captivating design aimed at infusing toothbrushing with enjoyment. Through a simple process of holding their toothbrush and aligning them with their device’s camera, children undergo a magical metamorphosis into helmet-wearing heroes. 

The app ingeniously gamifies oral care, prompting kids to battle “mouth monsters” by diligently brushing. As the gaming session culminates, participants receive unique “hero cards,” their quantity determined by the amassed in-game coins. 

What sets Brushing Hero apart is its proactive approach to dental hygiene – a commendable objective. The more consistent the teeth-brushing routine (akin to gameplay), the more one’s heroic avatar flourishes. This symbiotic dynamic ensures an all-around victory.


It is an all-inclusive dental monitoring application that simplifies the task of maintaining optimal teeth and gum health. Its array of features is meticulously crafted to assist you in overseeing your oral well-being. From monitoring brushing, flossing, and rinsing to sending timely reminders for planned checkups and cleanings, Dentaltown has you covered.

The application even grants you entry to the most recent updates and studies in the field of dentistry. It incorporates a dynamic online community platform where you have the opportunity to inquire, receive insights from fellow users, and exchange helpful suggestions and materials. 

Dentaltown enables effortless monitoring of your dental well-being and guarantees that you’re actively pursuing the required measures to uphold it. Moreover, the application facilitates connections with dentists and experts, leading to tailored healthcare experiences.


It allows you to monitor the state of your teeth and gums in real time by capturing photos and videos of your oral cavity. Moreover, it grants access to elaborate assessments of your oral well-being, encompassing visual representations of gum recesses, a chronological record of dental health progression, and a customized strategy to aid you in accomplishing your oral health aspirations. 

MyOralCare also furnishes informative content regarding dental care and techniques to assist you in effectively overseeing your oral hygiene. With its thorough supervisory functionalities, this application stands as a prime option for individuals seeking a convenient method to uphold their dental well-being.

Disney Magic Timer by Oral-B

People of all age groups, both adults and children, have a strong fondness for Disney. The Disney Magic Timer app from Oral-B adds an extra touch of enchantment to your brushing routine, allowing you to engage with beloved Disney, Star Wars, and Marvel characters. 

Your chosen character will be your brushing companion, leading you through each brushing session and granting stars as you complete them successfully. Enhance your Disney Magic Timer experience with these features:

  • Progress reports to monitor your oral hygiene practices
  • Bonus points for consecutive days of diligent brushing
  • Augmented Reality (AR) mode for an interactive virtual character encounter


Utilizing transparent aligners has the potential to enhance your smile; however, accurately monitoring the duration of wear can pose challenges. Crafted by an orthodontist, this no-cost application encompasses all essentials for optimizing your dental tool. The Trayminder app, designed to ease uncertainties, precisely monitors your daily aligner usage.

A timer display keeps tabs on the duration you’ve had the aligners in on a given day, also ticking away the duration for each aligner’s use. Should you need to remove the aligner briefly, a prompt screen can notify you to put it back on after a short span.

You can also track the remaining days of treatment until it’s completed in full. A stats page also monitors your daily, weekly, and monthly average wear duration. Additionally, a segment dedicated to capturing teeth selfies motivates you to document the evolution of your smile throughout the treatment duration, providing a fascinating opportunity to witness your teeth’s gradual transformation.


Geared toward children aged five and older, this application offers an educational experience focusing on oral hygiene, motivating them to cultivate positive brushing practices. 

The app presents a simple plot centered around a bewitched realm; young players must accurately tend to virtual teeth to progress within the game. Throughout their journey, they acquire knowledge about oral bacteria, debris lodged between teeth, and the proper brushing technique. The game reveals fresh characters as engagement unfolds.

It extends beyond being merely a game. The application also includes a video demonstrating the proper technique for children to brush their teeth accurately. It emphasizes every section of the teeth and mouth, ensuring the complete two-minute brushing duration. Furthermore, it has the capability to send reminders to both you and your children, encouraging brushing twice daily through push notifications.

Dictionary of Dental Terminology

Are you struggling to grasp the meanings behind your dentist’s terminology? This smartphone app presents a compilation of dental terms decoded into simple, accessible language. Obtain it for just $2.99, accessible on iTunes.

My Smile

Comparing your tooth’s shade on a 15-tone palette is a feature offered by My Smile. Keep in mind that the precision of outcomes relies on both photo quality and lighting conditions. This tool also facilitates tracking your teeth’s shade changes and making periodical comparisons. My Smile is priced at $0.99 on iTunes.

Teeth Whitener

Teeth Whitener is an entertaining application that lets you preview the potential of a more radiant smile. Effortlessly contrast your present appearance with the brilliance of a whiter grin using an image from your collection. This innovative app, priced at $0.99, can be readily accessed through iTunes.

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