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10 Motorcycle Safety Tips Essential for Every Rider

10 Motorcycle Safety Tips Essential for Every Rider

Many riders prefer motorcycles because they are relaxed, economical, and fun. However, it is a precarious mode of transportation. A motorcyclist is 30 times more likely to suffer fatality in a crash than a car driver.

Below are the safety procedures you can follow to have an accident-free ride:

Wear Protective Devices

No matter the weather condition, wearing a T-shirt and sandals for riding is wrong. Even jeans are not good enough because they provide minimal protection against road rash and injury if you slide. Boots, pants, and reinforced jackets or leathers are the ideal attires for a motorcyclist. Saying, “I don’t feel comfortable in heavy attires,” is a recipe for fatality in a crash.

You must wear goggles or glasses if you are wearing an open-faced helmet. Wear gloves to protect your hands. Use specially designed gear to cool and ventilate yourself in warm weather.

Stay in Your Comfort Zone

Do not bite more than you can chew; buy a befitting bike that allows your feet to rest comfortably on the ground when seated. It should not be too heavy for you. The controls and handlebars should be within your reach for smooth operation.

Avoid unfamiliar routes as much as possible to help you focus on safety. Do not put yourself under undue pressure if you ride with a group.

Ensure the Bike is in a Good Shape

Inspect your bike thoroughly before any journey. Constantly check the lights, tire pressure, and mirrors. Also, check for leaks, loose bolts, and potential hazards before any ride.

Maintain the motorcycle regularly for optimal performance. Do not postpone fixing anything that needs attention.

Activate Your Consciousness

While mirrors are essential to your safety, you cannot wholly rely on them to be aware of your entire environment. Use your head to know your position concerning other road users. You must keep your head up while rounding a corner and look over your shoulder before changing lanes.

Be Attentive to the Road

Experienced motorcyclists are attentive to the road they ride on. Be cautious when approaching curves to avoid running into gravel or other hazardous conditions. Be careful of white lines at spotlights and railroad tracks because they are slippery.

Locate Your Happy Place

Never hop on your motorcycle if you are not psychologically balanced. You are closer to death when you ride while angry, distracted, or tired. Remember that every motorcyclist is like a second-class citizen on the road; nobody cares about you, so riding with a troubled mind will be risky.

What Does the Forecast Say?

It is dangerous to ride on a wet or icy road. Also, you lack a windshield to protect you from direct exposure to the rain. So, check the weather forecast before hopping on your bike because you would not like to be pelted by rain.

Ensure Two is not a Crowd

While it is fun to ride with a loved one, ensure you are fit to carry a passenger and that the passenger also knows what to do for a smooth, and relaxed ride. Your passenger must have the appropriate gear, as mentioned in the first point above. Perhaps, you take a test run together in a safe place before riding on the open road.

Learn How to Apply Brakes

You may also find it difficult to see other riders on the road. Do not change lanes abruptly. Also, ensure you can also apply brakes in any given condition.

Maintain a reasonable and safe distance from vehicles ahead of you. It is safer to upgrade your bike to anti-lock brakes.

Spread the Love

Since it is an open secret that motorcyclists are second-class citizens on the road, always ride to change this impaired reasoning. Ride like a proud ambassador of motorcyclists globally.

“Ride with care, awareness, and courtesy. Do not retaliate against a heartless driver; ensure your emotions do not overwhelm your reasoning. There is no need to prove any point to anyone.” says Attorney Baldemar F. Gutierrez of The Gutierrez Law Firm Inc.

Do not let anyone roub you of the joy of riding your motorcycle.


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