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10 Most Interesting Big Data Analytics Startups in Toronto.

Big Data Analytics

Six million developers across the world are currently working on big data and advanced analytics. The number is slightly above the combined populations of Los Angeles and Houston. These six million big data developers account for about a third of all developers in the world, indicating the significance of big data today. Canada has not been left behind in big data and analytics. It is home to some of the most refined startups in the sector. Here we bring you 10 interesting big data startups based in Toronto Canada.

  1. Bigterminal

Bigterminal is a big data startup that specializes in filtering noise to expose the signal in financial data by use of machine learning and data science. The startup works on the understanding that the information age is full of noise and the flooding of content makes it difficult to access the best quality data.

  1. Sumbola

Sumbola is essentially an advanced social reading, publishing and talent discovery platform. The company offers advanced cloud-based, transmedia and SaaS-enabled publishing services to authors. This includes analytics on how global customers purchase the published works.

  1. Via Sense

Via Sense is a cloud based analytics platform for cities, buildings and streets. The startups platform can aggregate whopping amounts of data. As a result, Via Sense provides useful insights to its customers.

4.Limelight Platform

Limelight Platform operates in the live marketing automation space. The company has transformed live marketing through its automation platform that turns an organisation’s live marketing touch points into leads, sales and measurable data. The startups focus is to engage, manage and measure large volumes of data.

  1. Analyst Finder

Analyst Finder is an international recruiting portal applying big data for area specific job matching. The platform is designed to help employers connect with professional analysts, a highly sought-after category of people in this information age.

  1. Kaypok

Kaypok provides tools for content analytics to uncover insights from unstructured data. Kaypok enables users to discover what people are saying and explore their data to get actionable insights. Its high performance algorithms automatically process even the noisiest data.

  1. Rubikcloud

Rubikcloud is a real-time big data startup that targets businesses that care about conversion. Such businesses include online retailers. Rubikcloud’s platform can process, analyse and search continuous streams of data.

  1. Sybaris Analytics

Sybaris Analytics are experts in developing custom big data solutions. The startup is building very exciting technologies that will identify emerging trends through analyzing social media data. The findings can then be applied to datasets that are traditionally static in the areas of medical, employment and retail with great results.

  1. Logistadvise  

Logistadvise utilizes big data analytics to develop business intelligence tools for the logistics industry. With Logistadvise, you can easily search thousands of carriers, shippers and rates.

  1. Quinzee

Quinzee is a customer engagement for platform for utility companies. It features a free web and mobile-enabled application capable of capturing and analyzing metadata and thereafter providing the most relevant, personalized and social information on energy consumption.

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