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10 Instagram Stats: Which Will Help You To Lead The Market.


Instagram is one of the biggest social networking sites now, on which all businesses are trying to establish their brand. It has gone from just being an app for vacationers to show-off on to being an essential part of modern-day marketing. Every business now is trying their best to tap into the huge audience offered by Instagram. But keeping up with all the trends on Instagram along with the changes in the algorithm gets difficult for anyone. For this, you need to know the basic statistics of the platform that can get you closer to optimizing your posts.

Your potential customers might just be scrolling away on their phone unaware of your business unless the right post at the right time is in front of their eyes. So we have collected statistics that can give you a rough idea about how Instagram works today and hopefully you can identify your target audience from it.


Over 1 billion people use Instagram in a month. That’s so many! Easily thousands of them could be interested in the same niche your business falls in, and turn out to be potential customers. This should be enough motivation for you to get on the platform. A business that has an optimized page on Instagram has great potential to grow big and attract the right audience which will, in turn, increase its revenue.


Instagram has over 140 million users in the US itself and that’s not even a huge chunk of them. It is said that 88% of the users on Instagram are from outside the US. It is an ever-growing platform, which can make it difficult to find your target audience but armed with the right data, it is not impossible to do so.


According to Statista, 71% of the monthly users on Instagram are below the age of 35. If your target audience for the business falls under this age group, it bodes well for you. It gives you clarity that the time you spend on optimizing your Instagram will fetch you results as your target audience would be in it. You wouldn’t want to spend time developing something that doesn’t cater to your main audience.


The use of hashtags has grown on Instagram since the site has started to gain momentum as a popular marketing tool. The latest statistics show that there is an average of 10.7 hashtags per post. Don’t put too many hashtags on a post, it seems desperate and drives away any audience you might get. Use more specific hashtags that have a few thousand posts to their name, or it may get lost in the millions.


Instagram users spend an average of 30 minutes on it in a day. So you need to get your content in their line of vision, at this time. Keep in mind that for many, these 30 minutes are divided into many small periods, such as when they get their breaks or are on a commute.  


Around 71% of businesses have an Instagram handle to promote themselves in the market. You can reach a large audience with little or no investment on a platform like Instagram, making it the best platform for modern businesses. Even the hashtags on Instagram have started to become more about brands, so you should make good use of this opportunity.


A study noted that 50% of the users follow at least one business on Instagram. With an Instagram business profile, brands can add additional information to guide more people into purchasing their products. Businesses also get to use Instagram analytics, to observe the growth and engagement on their profile. It gives all businesses a great chance to communicate with their audience better.


With Instagram stories, you have even more access to an audience as over 500 million people post or watch stories each day. 58% of the people have said that they have become interested in a product or service after seeing it in a story and it has even motivated many people to follow it to a website with the swipe-up feature.


Instagram has influenced many people to make a purchase, directly or indirectly. According to a study, 80% of the users decided to purchase something after seeing it on Instagram. If your target audience is on Instagram, you won’t go wrong with investing your time in creating an optimized profile to increase likes and spread brand awareness.


With Instagram being an ideal tool to search for sellers in a particular niche, the explore tab has been put to good use by Instagrammers. More than 50% of the accounts use the explore page to find something they like. Additionally, more than 81% of the users use Instagram to research a brand or its products and services. So, you can see how much Instagram influences people to purchase things.


Instagram is a fast-changing platform, which has the potential to make or break your brand. Now that you have been equipped with the latest statistics, you must be aware of the potential your business has in this market. Instagram has millions of users using its platform daily to find the motivation or purchase things, making it a free-for-all business model. No other platform at this point has an engagement as huge as Instagram. Once you get the knack of it, Instagramming your business gets fairly simple, making it an ideal marketplace for many businesses. Have an active profile on the site, show interest in communicating with the customers, and voila, you have in front of you a fully working business place you can earn from. 

We have provided you all the statistics you need to know to plan further, so don’t wait now!

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