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10 In-Demand Jobs to Pursue After Trade School

If you wish to skip the four-year conventional college degree and pursue a direct path, you may consider joining a trade school or wondering what the most lucrative jobs you can get after trade school.

Skilled, trained professionals have the potential to earn significantly higher incomes than the individuals joining the industry after obtaining a two or four-year academic degree. It is why many individuals are now following this path. So, if you want to learn about the most in-demand jobs you can pursue after trade school, here is your chance to find out.

1.     Plumbers (Average salary: $59,880)

Plumbing is one of the highest-paying trade school jobs. It is a rewarding profession that allows individuals to use their troubleshooting skills and solve problems with their hands. Hence if you are even the least bit interested in this field, now is the time to pursue it as a profession.

In most states, one must earn a diploma and obtain a license to be able to work as a plumber. Hence it is important to enroll at a trade school. While a plumber’s job has unpredictable work hours and may be exhausting at times, it is flexible and quite stable.

2.     Electrician (Average salary: $60,040)

The residential electrician field has a lot of scope, and you will have several career opportunities if you choose to follow this path. Besides getting formal training to know the fundamental skills, you will also need on-the-job training. As an electrician, you will be required to install or repair wiring and fixtures and inspect and maintain circuit breakers or transformers.

3.     MRI Technician (Average Salary: $74,655)

An MRI technician usually works in hospitals, care centers, or radiology centers and is responsible for operating the MRI scanner and creating 3D scans of the specific part of the patient’s body. They must be skilled in working in a fast-paced environment and should be able to communicate well, particularly with the patients, to put them at ease.

4.     Web developer (Average Salary: $78,300)

A web developer is an IT professional who can design and create the layout and aesthetics of a website. In some cases, web developers are also responsible for overseeing the back-end details of the site, like its performance and speed and traffic inflow, etc. They may also assist in managing and updating web content, troubleshooting issues, and monitoring site aspects.

5.     The diagnostic medical sonographer (Average Salary $75,830)

A diagnostic medical sonographer assists surgeons and physicians in diagnosing illnesses and other medical issues. They also prepare patients for procedures and use imaging machines for ultrasounds and sonograms for detection and diagnosis. As a diagnostic sonographer, you may need to specialize in a certain area in the body, like the abdominal cavity, heart, vessels, or the reproductive system.

6.     Industrial Engineering Technician (Average Salary $60,220)

The scope of work of an industrial engineering technician comprises the preparation of equipment or machinery planning, designing workflows for manufacturing, and analyzing production costs. This profession is considered to have a high potential as its demand is likely to increase in the coming years owing to increased demand for goods and hence increased production.

7.     Radiation therapists (Average Salary $82,970)

Radiation therapists have one of the best-paying trade jobs in healthcare. These professionals work with doctors and nurses to treat various diseases like cancer. Radiation therapists must be proficient in using machines, for instance, linear accelerators, that are used to destroy or shrink cancer tumors. They must also monitor the patients during the treatment and be aware of all the requisite safety protocols.

8.     Dental hygienist (Average Salary $77,810)

Dental hygienists can earn around $77,810 on average. They help individuals maintain oral health via preventive practices and educate them about hygiene. They are required to use various tools to remove stains, tartar, or plaque and must also be aware of various oral diseases like oral cancer or gingivitis. As a dental hygienist, you can also get additional training and become a dental therapist.

9.     HVACR Technician (Average Salary $48,360)

An HVAC technician or mechanic repairs and installs the heating, air conditioning, ventilation, and refrigeration systems. They also carry out routine maintenance tasks like cleaning ducts, replacing filters, etc. If you opt for this career, you can specialize in a subfield like heating systems, solar panels, refrigeration, etc.

10.   Mortician (Average Salary $58,900)

A mortician, often called a funeral director, oversees the details and tasks for the deceased and is usually required to hold an associate degree. You must also be at least 21 years old. The mortician is required to manage the funeral services and work with the families, cemetery, and religious representatives while also managing the administrative aspects.

Final Thoughts

The ten jobs mentioned in the article are just some of the many well-paying jobs you can consider after trade school. In most cases, you will also need some on-the-job training and practical experience to perform well at your job, but as you can see, these jobs can pay better even than some professions one can join after getting a college degree.

However, before you enroll in a trade school, you must have a specific career path in mind to get into the right school, receive the requisite training and follow your aspirations once the training is complete.

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