10 Global Blockchain Events.

Some months ago we published the 10 popular global fintech startups events, and today we will cover another hot topic: Blockchain Events.

Blockchain technology has not only made an impact in the financial sector but also is benefiting many other industries.  In the past, its wide range of applications has been increasing, disrupting  traditional areas such as healthcare, energy market and even public sectors. Numerous industries are finding ways to use the blockchain technology. Consequently, new startups around it are being established too. If you want to keep up with the blockchain events and progrsmmes, the following is a list of 10 global blockchain events you can’t afford to miss:

  1. Capital Markets Blockchain Conference

Date:  September 13-14, 2016

Location: Hong Kong, China

Description: This is a blockchain conference that brings startups, financial institutions, entrepreneurs, investors, and regulators together to discuss the implementation and practicality of blockchain technology and its application to capital markets.

  1. Blockchain World Expo

Date: September 19-21

Location: Toronto, Canada

Description: Join up to 1500 attendees from numerous sectors — banks, startups, investment firms, regulators and top blockchain experts — for 3 days of exhibitions, discussion, networking sessions and presentations, all meant to showcase the current and future of blockchain.

  1. Devcon2

Date: September 19-24

Location: Shanghai, China

Description: The Wanxiang Blockchain Labs and Ethereum Foundation are happy to jointly announce the Global Blockchain Week in Shanghai. Both Wanxiang Blockchain Labs and Ethereum Devcon’s global blockchain summit were sold out in 2015 with great anticipation and interest for this year’s events.

  1. Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Kiev

Date: September 23

Location: Kiev, Ukraine

Description: This is a unique event on cryptocurrency intended to answer questions such as: what Bitcoin is, why it is required.

  1.  DLT 2016 Blockchain for Financial Institutions

Date: September 28

Location: New York, NY

Description: The conference will bring together major financial institutions, startups, regulators, technology experts, professional service providers and investors for a day-long study of the blockchain. Everyone knows that the blockchain has the potential to alter global finance in great ways.  Attend the event and you will know how.

  1.  Distributed: Health Conference

Date: October 3, 2016

Location: Nashville, TN

Description: The event will offer a forum where healthcare leaders from around the world meet for the first time to think how electronic medical records, medical payments, pharmaceutical inventory management, connected devices, systems interoperability, real-time analytics, insurance claim processing and personalized health can be streamlined with blockchain.

  1. Blockchain Summit

Date: October 10

Location: London, UK

Description: The event will bring together senior people from financial services sector to address the main questions in the blockchain. From best practices to the challenges of adoption, the event will shed light on the next strides and long-term impacts of the blockchain.

  1. Money 20/20

Date: October 23-26

Location: Las Vegas, USA

Description: Covered by media such as TechCrunch and CNBC, the event is world’s leading fintech event, and draws over 600 of the world’s most experienced developers to solve problems from 10 of fintech’s most powerful brands. With only one day to demonstrate their mettle, developers come from all corners of the earth to showcase their vision   and skills.

  1. LaBITconf

Date: November 4-5

Location: Buenos Aires City, Argentina

Description:  More than 40 top notch speakers will help you comprehend how bitcoin and blockchains are disrupting all industry, and how to seize its opportunities. The event is the first Latin American bitcoin event. It takes place annually with hundreds of attendees and top-tier speakers.

  1. Diginomics World Conference

Date: November 12-13

Location: Toronto, Canada

Description:  The event reviews the accelerating movement towards a completely digital economy. From international currency to cultural lifestyles, all things are being distilled down to a system of rules derived from the number itself.

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