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10 FinTech Firms that are Reshaping Financial Services in Canada

According to data compiled by Thompson Reuters, Canadian fintech investment grew by 74 percent between 2015 and 2016. PitchBook also notes that venture capital funding for fintech startups in Canada had increased steadily from $21.5 million five years ago to $137.7 million in 2016. Canadian fintech firms raised over $1 billion between 2010 and 2016, effectively making the country one of the best innovative technology investment destinations. Here are 10 fintech firms that are transforming financial services in Canada.

  1. Coinsquare

Coinsquare is an online platform that allows its users to trade using cryptocurrency. With this platform, you can exchange your assets or wealth with digital currency. The platform has a proprietary interface transfer system where you can convert your coins before they can be ready for withdrawal from your digital wallet.

  1. Cryptiv

Using cryptiv’s enterprise digital wallet system, an ordinary company can handle blockchain assets such as bitcoin and ether. The firm has access to both private and public Blockchain protocols. The firm can allow its employees a limited access to its digital assets by use of managed wallet accounts.

  1. Dream Payments

Dream payments provides users with a cloud-based platform which, when used together with a mobile point of sale device, allows them to conduct debit and credit card transactions.

  1. Equibit

Equibit is a securities register based on blockchain technology that allows efficient management of warrants and partnership units. The company has a shareholder communication system that allows online interaction of shareholders.

  1. Flexiti Financial

Founded in 2013, Flexiti financial is a sales financing company that uses patented ID scanning technology and a mobile application to provide sales financing. Flexiti financial’s options are better than those available through credit cards. Its advantages include lower interest rates, revolving credit, and an instant financing.

  1. FreshBooks

FreshBooks is accounting software that employs cloud technology.  It allows users to invoice clients, manage expenditure, time and collect online payments through PayPal, e-check or a credit card.

  1. Fundtech

Fundtech is a company that offers software solutions to both big and small banks across the world. It offers automated transactional services such as cash payment and financial supply chain management.

  1.  GoldMoney

GoldMoney offers users three types of account options namely; business, personal and wealth accounts. Each account has unique features that help the user to accomplish various tasks such as managing savings, processing of business transactions and international payments. GoldMoney provides convenient connection to others accounts of the user. Additionally, it allows the users to access gold based payments and savings tools.

  1. Horizn

Horizn is a knowledge platform that enables technology and financial services firms to adopt new technologies quickly. The Horizn platform has helped customers significantly accelerate the way they take innovations to market.

  1.  Honk

Honk is a mobile application that enables users to find a vehicle parking space, pay online using a credit card stored in the app. The app alerts the user when parking time is elapsing and provides an option for extension by making further payment from wherever the user may be.

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