10 Cool Yet Inexpensive Truck Customization Ideas

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When it comes to trucks, most owners put their own little personal touches to make their rides at least slightly different from the others. Some of them go as far as giving their vehicles a brand new customized paint job or spend thousands of dollars on new rims and tires. Some truck owners like the feeling of standing or in this case, driving head and shoulders above the rest so they have their trucks elevated. Others prefer to ride low and have their vehicles lowered.

Whatever the case, customizing trucks are not cheap. However, certain customization tricks can still make your truck be distinctly yours without going bankrupt.

Here are 10 simple inexpensive ways to pimp your truck:

1. Exterior Lighting Improvements

Enhancing your ride’s exterior lights can be done in three simple ways. One, you can replace your existing bulbs with High-Intensity Discharge (HID) or Light Emitting Diode (LED) bulbs. These two have actually become more commonly used nowadays so they’re pretty easy to get. Two, you can replace older halogen lights completely with conversion kits that cost less than $100. And three, you can have aftermarket fog lights added to your truck.

2. LED Lighting for the Interiors
Since we’re already talking about lighting, you can also customize your interior’s lighting with the help of some LED lights. Plenty of interiors LED lighting kits can be bought at around the $50-price mark. They can make your truck’s interior look amazing and luxurious without going bankrupt.

3. Overlays and Decals
Decals and overlays are, by far, the easiest way to personalize your truck. They come in different sizes and almost every design you can imagine. You can even have the designs customized. You can replace the overlays on your truck and put a few decals on it. You can even turn your truck into a mobile billboard for your business and have custom signs installed on your ride anytime you feel like it.

4. Steering Wheel
When you’re inside the car, the one thing that you will be using or maneuvering the most is the steering wheel. So it just makes sense for you to give it a little TLC.

At the very least, steering wheel covers already give your vehicle a more personal touch. There is an endless variety of steering wheel cover designs to choose from. It’s virtually impossible to not find one that you’ll like. If you’re not satisfied with just a cover, you can replace your stock steering wheel with an aftermarket unit.

5. Window Tint

Window tints aren’t only stylish but also functional. Dark tints not only give your car a sophisticated look but also provide privacy and protection from the sun. However, you do need to take note of your state’s restrictions on the tint’s darkness level. Generally, the front side windows need to maintain a certain degree of light transmission for safety reasons so be sure to do your research first before you have brand new tints installed.

6. Audio Equipment

While all new cars in the market today have pretty decent base sound systems, sometimes they’re just not enough to do the trick, especially for audiophile truck owners.

The solution? Aftermarket audio equipment.

While some car audio customizations cost a lot of money, doing some minor modifications done to a basic car audio set-up can be done on a budget. You can replace the speakers, add a subwoofer, or even replace the stereo head unit if you’re not happy with the one that came with your truck.

7. Seat Covers and Floor Mats

For an absolutely no-tool-required modification, floor mats and seat covers are the way to go. There’s a wide range of styles to choose from. You can buy them off the shelf in retail shops or have them custom-made for your ride.

8. Pedals and Shifter Knob

Although they cannot be seen from the outside, you can customize your truck’s pedals and shifter knob by replacing them with aftermarket parts. They can give your truck an instant personalized look without having to spend too much on modifications.

9. Grilles

A truck’s front grilles can be customized in several ways. You can replace the grilles completely or simply use grille inserts. These can be added to the truck’s main grille or inserted between the grille and the air dams to give your truck a more sophisticated look.

10. Rear Spoiler

To end, you can also do something about your truck’s rear-end. Other than slapping on new overlays or decals, you can also give it a Fast & Furious feel by installing a spoiler. A spoiler isn’t just eye candy, although it does make your truck look extremely cool. It is also functional as it is intended to enhance a vehicle’s performance by minimizing turbulence and drag.

Giving a truck its own personality that’s reflective of your own doesn’t have to always be a bank breaker. But if you want to go all out with your customizations and you can afford it, have at it! At the end of the day, as long as it makes you happy and doesn’t mess up your other priorities, then go for it.

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