10 Common Lock Problems in Melbourne Homes

Doors and locks are an integral part of any building’s security system. They guard your possessions from theft and keep your house or place of business safe from intruders. Locks, however, can occasionally stop working properly, giving you security problems. 

With this in mind, in this blog post, we will discuss ten common lock problems that you may face. 

  1. Jammed or Stiff Locks

A common problem that can be brought on by a buildup of dirt or debris is a jammed or stiff lock.

In order to help the lock slide more smoothly, our solution is to clean it with a lubricant like WD-40 or graphite powder.

  1. Loose Door Handles

In addition to compromising security, loose door handles can be dangerous. The first step in fixing this problem is to use the proper tools, like a screwdriver or wrench, to tighten any loose screws and bolts on the handle. To guarantee correct operation and security, additional inspection of the lock’s internal parts might be required if the issue continues.

  1. Faulty Lock Mechanism

An outdated door lock could be causing you issues. Having trouble locking or unlocking is one of them. Wear and tear on the internal mechanisms is the cause of this. It could be fixed by a skilled technician, but it’s difficult. Changing the lock is advised rather than having it repaired.

Getting a new lock is the best course of action. This will restore order to the situation. It’s also a wise decision to select a new, secure lock. You can use a reputable professional service for this task and feel at ease. A new locking system will ensure the safety of your property.

  1. Misaligned Latch

A misaligned latch may make it difficult for the door to close securely, opening your house to unwanted entry. To fix this issue, start by undoing the latch plate’s screws and moving it around until the strike plate and latch plate are properly aligned. After achieving alignment, firmly tighten the screws to guarantee a tight fit and maximum security.

  1. Worn-Out Key

Another common problem many people face in their Melbourne homes is the issue of a worn-out key. In fact, a worn-out key may be the reason a lock jams or becomes stuck. In this case, it might be necessary to replace the lock completely or have a new key cut.

  1. Frozen Lock

Another common problem in Melbourne homes is the issue of a frozen lock. When the temperature drops in the winter, a frozen lock may happen. To solve this issue, you can either use a de-icing solution or a hairdryer to thaw the lock.

  1. Old Lock

With time, old locks may lose their effectiveness and become more vulnerable to picking or breaking. Call a locksmith to get an opinion. You might need to get new lock parts or replace your old lock with a newer model.

  1. Key Won’t Turn

It can be aggravating and problematic to have trouble inserting the key into the lock. The cause of this problem is frequently a worn-out key or deteriorating internal lock components. Checking the key for signs of damage and thinking about getting a duplicate made are good places to start when troubleshooting. To restore functionality, it might be necessary to hire a locksmith like Top Pick Locksmiths to replace or repair the lock if the issue continues.

  1. Warping

Weather-related changes can occasionally cause the door and its frame to swell, contract, or warp. For instance, in the winter, wooden doors swell and UPVC doors contract. This may have an impact on the locks’ functionality and state, frequently leading to misalignment and drops. In the winter, keeping the doors well-lubricated is a great solution.

  1. Smart Door Lock Malfunctions

Even though smart door locks are convenient and offer cutting-edge security features, they are not impervious to technical issues. Among the frequent issues with smart locks are connectivity problems, battery drain, and software malfunctions. Make sure the lock is within Wi-Fi network range, change the batteries on a regular basis, and update the firmware of the lock when necessary to troubleshoot these issues. It is advised to get in touch with the manufacturer for more help if issues continue to occur.


Door locks must be kept in working condition to protect your house and give you peace of mind. Your home can stay safe and accessible if you take quick action to solve common lock issues and put the right solutions in place. Your home’s security and convenience can be maintained by being aware of the underlying causes of problems and taking preventative action, whether you’re dealing with conventional locks or smart door lock systems.


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