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10 Brilliant Ways To Earn Money With Your Car

A car is a great asset for someone who knows how to make the best use of it, apart from just transportation. An idle car is more of a liability than an asset. Then why not put your vehicle to some good use and make some money while you are at it?

Whether you have a car in its perfect shape or a junk car just sitting in your yard, you can still earn some money if you decide to sell car for parts. Here are eight such brilliant ways you make some good money with the help of your car; it doesn’t matter if it is running or not.

Sell the parts of your car.

Eventually, every car lives its lifetime and stops running, but you can still squeeze a little benefit out of it. If you own a junk car, you can sell the car for parts. You can contact local cash car buyers or junkyards to sell your junk car. They will inspect the vehicle and all the parts and give you the best price for it. Some salvage yards also have their towing services, so you won’t have to worry about transporting your car to them.

Ensure you have all the essential documents of your car, like the registration, title, and insurance. The clean title helps to fasten the process. After completing the legal work, the buyer can take it out of your hair within a few hours.

Rent your car to others

If you have an out-and-out running car and don’t use it often, you can rent it to others. Many car rental services and apps give you excellent rates for renting your car. You can also make it a full-time thing if you don’t use your car at all. It’s a great way to create a source of income for you.

If you are worried about your car, you will be relieved to know that the rental service provides insurance if your car gets stolen or suffers an accident.

Work with Ridesharing Apps

Ridesharing apps like Lyft and Uber have become very mainstream. Millions of people use their ridesharing services to travel in and across cities. If you think your car is in good shape and if you have a clean driving record, listing your vehicle with ridesharing apps is a great way to earn some money. If you are willing to drive on weekends, Friday and Saturday nights in major cities are an excellent time for ridesharing drivers to make some handsome money.

Deliver Food With App-Based Delivery Apps

Food delivery apps like Uber Eats are a great way to earn some money with your car. If you own a car and have some extra time on your hands, you can deliver food orders from restaurants to homes while listening to your favorite music. One more great thing about such apps is that you can sign up for the delivery of your choice. The apps provide great flexibility in scheduling food deliveries. You can also opt for delivering in a particular area that you prefer. Ridesharing apps are a great way to earn money where your performance depends on how many hours you put in.

Advertise on your car

How amazing it would be to earn more money without running extra miles in your car. Yes, there is a way to make some money with your car without burning excess gas and time. If you are comfortable with advertising on your vehicle, you can earn some money by wrapping your car with different ads from advertisers.

Advertising on cars is one of the most used means of advertising in cities. Many advertising agencies pay the car owners good money depending on how long the advertising stays on your car. It can be days, weeks, or months you can continue to earn from the advertising.

Deliver goods

If you find delivering food monotonous and want to try something else, you can deliver other non-food products for businesses like Amazon Flex. This retail giant claims to provide independent drivers on contract with up to $25 per hour for delivering their packages.

If you manage to complete at least 15 hours of Amazon Flex deliveries on average per week in a quarter, you can avail of the healthcare subsidy to an eligible health plan. You also get occupational accident coverage for any occupational accidents during the Amazon Flex delivery, including medical and disability benefits.

Help people move

Helping people to move their things is another way of earning some money if you are willing to use your car and some physical labor. A vehicle with decent-sized boot space, a minivan, or a truck will be great for helping people move their things to a different location. If your car is big enough to fit furniture items like a couch, you can help people move their furniture and earn some money in return. You can also list yourself on such apps that will provide you with moving requirements from the customers.

If you don’t want to tie yourself with any app, you can be a DIY mover. You can use the power of social media to showcase your services in front of your network of friends, relatives, colleagues, and people in different social media communities.

There are some online communities specially created to post moving and movers requirements. If you can’t find any such group, you can create your own and post your services there. Word of mouth marketing works best in close networks that know you and trust you.

Let others drive your car.

If you don’t want to overload your workweek with additional work of driving people around, moving their stuff, or getting your car wrapped in ads, you can consider renting your car to other people who will use it to drive people around.

Businesses like Hyrecar connect people who have cars with people who don’t have one and want to use others’ cars to get listed on ridesharing apps. It’s one of the great ways to earn money with your car without getting behind the wheel.

These were some of the ways to earn money with your car. If anything still doesn’t work, you can always sell the car for parts if you own a junk car. With a strong will and tips like these, you can earn some good money with your car.

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