10 Blockchain Technologies UK

More excitements than ever before has accompanied blockchain predictions for 2017. There is perhaps no figure for how much money is being invested in blockchain technologies, but it amounts to many millions of pound. The following companies are 10 blockchain technologies which have the potential to be very disruptive.

1) Provenance’s Technology

Provenance provides blockchain based supply chain with traceability and transparency services. This digital technology solution will soon be used to address the illegal fishing predominant in the seafood industry and widespread human rights abuses.

2) FreeMyVunk’s  Technology

Gaming can’t be fintech, some people say. Wrong. FreeMyVunk uses blockchain technology to generate a transparent and appropriate secondary market for the stuff which has value in games.

3) Tradle’s Technology

Notary and identity services on the blockchain are red hot areas. There are a lot of innovative and interesting companies working in this area. For example, Tradle uses the blockchain specifically for Know your customer (KYC) and is known to be in talks with various European and UK banks.

4) Clearmatics’ Technology

The London-based Clearmatics focuses on clearing and settlement of over-the-counter (OTC) market. The company finished its first round of funding last year. The company also teamed up with UBS to help create a digital coin used to make cross-border payments and settle trades.

5) SETL’s technology

SETL deploy a multi-currency institutional settlements and payment infrastructure based on blockchain technology. The technology allows market participants to move asset and cash directly between each other, enabling instant and final settlement of market transaction.

6) Credits’ technology

Credits offer a Platform-as-a-Service with tools for scalable and secure blockchains to power enterprise applications. The technology allows enterprises to easily and quickly build robust blockchains which can address the challenges of establishing provenance, reconciliation and authentication.

7) combines commerce with the internet of things through Ethereum. The digital locking system is controlled by a smart contract on the blockchain.  According to the founder, Christoph Jentzsch, the technology has a many array of uses. Apart from apartments and houses, it can be applied to bikes, cars, or padlocks.

8) GovCoin Systems

GovCoin Systems technology is a digital value transfer systems firm that focuses on social welfare distribution for federal and sovereign governments. The technology reduces friction and increase financial inclusion.

9) Blockchain technology

Founded on August 28, 2011, Blockchain provides the popular Bitcoin wallet; the most extensively used Bitcoin APIs.  Blockchain’s bitcoin is widely known as the most trusted and the strongest brand in blockchain industry.

10) GFT’s technology

GFT has Blockchain prototype that allow customers to track physical assets. Early this year, GFT, the top provider of  business consulting, advisory, IT and software services launched a computing prototype for clients, demonstrating that it is possible to track  assets using blockchain.

Although blockchain is relatively new concept, it is a rapidly developing industry. Therefore, we expect new technologies to emerge in the future. To get blockchain updates, Connect with us on Twitter and Facebook, or subscribe to our email updates below.

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