10 Blockchain Technologies In Australia.

The realisation that Blockchain technologies have the potential to completely change the structure of many industries has created significant global interest. Blockchain technology has reached a point where it is hard for any person, government or company to ignore. It is the time we either choose to adopt the technology or lose out to competitions that derive benefits from it. If you are looking for Blockchain Technology in Australia, the following are 10 Blockchain technologies and companies in Australia.

  1. Bit Trade Australia

Bit Trade Australia specialises in providing Bitcoins to Australian clients.  The company offers a fixed rate exchange to help customers with the unstable price of Bitcoin. The company makes it easy for people to sell and buy Bitcoins.

  1. Full Profile

 Full Profile provides Australians with Agri-blockchains. The technology brings transparency and efficiency to transactions along the agricultural product supply chain. In addition, Full Profile offers smart contracts  that helps growers get paid instantly,  brokers  to save money and time, and banks  to de-risk financing,

  1. Ledger Assets

Ledger Assets is a company that specializes in global verification technology using Blockchain protocol.  The company has developed Patent pending world first technology to validate image content and offer time stamping and geo-location verification. Currently, Ledger Assets is working with industry specialists such as ASX 200 Company to make next generation of disruptive market Blockchain enterprise solutions.

  1. Power Ledger

Power Ledger enables consumers to manage the energy economy. The company uses Blockchain technology to offer a transparent, automated, and auditable market trading and clearing mechanism for the sale of excess renewable energy produced on-site at multi-unit residential and commercial developments and at businesses and homes connected to the distribution network.

  1. BTC Markets

 Based in Melbourne, BTC Markets is a Blockchain technology company that offers a reliable and secure trading platform for businesses, professional investors and anyone interested in selling or buying Bitcoins across Australia.

  1. BitPOS

BitPOS is a Blockchain payments company, processing numerous transactions using bulletproof, scalable and automated settlement engine.  The company’s transaction times are quicker than traditional methods – and more secure.

  1. digitalBTC

DigitalBTC is an advanced digital payments company giving investors exposure to the digital currencies sector and multiple facets of the digital payments industry. The company is the first Bitcoin-focused firm listed on a major exchange.

  1. Kyckr

Kyckr delivers award-winning, commercially proven products for the verification of businesses globally.   Kyckr enables customers to access over 153 business registers and has come up with a Blockchain-based global real-time identity authentication. The company is pushing ahead with Blockchain plans to assist banks  in fighting terrorism financing and money laundering.

  1. CoinJar

CoinJar is a Bitcoin platform that allows the selling and buying of Bitcoins. It enables merchants to accept Bitcoin payments.

  1. Midasium

Midasium uses Blockchain technology to execute and retain a permanent history of all real estate registration and transactions using a system of smart contracts. According to Financial Review, the company is among the 14 companies that illustrate Australia’s fintech future.

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