10 Blockchain Technologies Asia.

The Blockchain technology use has gone beyond Europe and the US. In Africa, Blockchain technology is transforming the remittance market, enabling fast and cheap transfers of money. In Asia, companies are using Blockchain technology for all kinds of things: salary payments, remittance and business incorporation. The following are 10 fintech companies and Blockchain technologies Asia:

1) Toast

Toast is a Singapore-based company that facilitates the transfer of money via web and smartphone application. The company allows Asian migrant workers to remit money back home in cheaper and faster manner. Last year, Toast received over S$1.2 million in a seed funding round, the fund that was expected to fuel its expansion in growing Asian payment market.


CARDANO Labo  is a top cryptocurrency research and development company focusing on blockchain-empowered financial and entertainment services. The company has a research laboratory in Vietnam, where research on new cryptocurrency service models is carried out. The company strives to be a professional cryptocurrency technology that represents Asia.

3) BitX

BitX is a Bitcoin company with offices in Cape Town and Jakarta. The company offers a number of services such as a Bitcoin payment solution for merchants. Launched in 2013, the firm launched operations in Nigeria in 2015 to exploit the potential of Bitcoin in Africa.

4) Zebpay

Zebpay is the most  simplest Bitcoin mobile wallet in the world. Zebpay targets common people who are  using Bitcoins among family and  friends and to receive Bitcoins in their small businesses.

5) Bitcoin Indonesia

Bitcoin Indonesia is an exchange platform that enables  users to sell and buy  Bitcoins with Rupiah. Unlike other domestic players, Bitcoin Indonesia exclusively focuses on Bitcoin exchange services. According to the company, all withdrawals and deposits are processed within 12 hours, and to protect customers against fraud, it uses military-grade cryptography.

6) Gatecoin

Based in Hong Kong, Gatecoin is an online trading platform for blockchain and cryptocurrency  assets.  It was founded in  2013 by Aurélien Menant,  a former investment banker, as a Bitcoin exchange and has developed into a trading platform for a variety of Ethereum and cryptocurrencies  based blockchain assets.


Based in Philippines, offers peer-to-peer wallet transfers, mobile top-ups, bill payments, remittance services, and online shopping. As a service operating on the Bitcoin blockchain, the company  uses the digital currency as a low cost access to banking.

8) Neuroware

Neuroware is a blockchain company that offers businesses that work with distributed ledger technology with the applicable protocols. The company particularly provides businesses with decentralized identity, authentication, public key management services and on-chain data storage.

9) DXMarkets

DXMarkets is a  software firm specialized in blockchain for the financial sector.  Its goal is “ re-defining the way Capital Markets operate.”  The company leverages blockchain technology to assist businesses benefit from real-time settlement, transparency and reduced costs.

10) Amilabs

Based in Thailand, Amilabs  is a software development company that uses  Blockchain technology to digitize electrical or physical assets, commodities and fiat currencies. Its main product, allows users to trade, make payments and trade with physical gold using Blockchain technology.

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