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10 Big Data Companies in India that Every Business Should Know

Currently, the Indian analytics business is worth well over $375 million. Indian Big Data companies are making their presence felt in almost all parts of the world. These companies are thriving through the provision of state of the art services. Here are 10 such companies that every business should know.

  1. Mu Sigma

Mu sigma is an international Big Data company that helps business enterprises institutionalize data based decision making. With offices in India, United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Japan and UAE, Mu Sigma has wide experience and expertise in several business verticals such as pharma, telecom, technology, healthcare and retail. The firm is advancing towards building a great big data ecosystem and currently serves Walmart, Microsoft, Pfizer and Dell among other clients.

  1. Crayon Data

Established in 2011, Crayon Data is a big data analytics company that provides clients with personalized products that suit their taste. With offices in India, U.S, UK, Dubai, and Singapore, Crayon Data provides actionable insights to telecoms, banking and hospitality sectors.

  1. Fractal analytics

Fractal analytics was established in Mumbai in 2000. Currently, it has offices in Germany, Canada, Switzerland, U.S, UK, and Singapore. Fractal analytics serves companies in financial, healthcare, hospitality, retail and technology sectors.

  1. Global Analytics

Founded in 2003, Global Analytics provides analytics services to financial services companies. It also provides credit solutions to customers. In addition to India, the company operates in the UK and the U.S.

  1. Absolutdata

Founded in 2001, Absolutdata has grown into a global big data company helping clients make data-based decisions. In addition to India, it has offices in Singapore, Dubai, UK and the U.S where it provides services to companies in retail, Pharma, telecom travel and technology sectors.

  1. Manthan

Founded in 2004, Manthan provides a combination of actionable insights, predictive analytics and customer knowledge as part of its big data analytics soulutions. Manthan has served more than 120 retail and CPG companies across 19 countries. With headquarters in Bangalore, the company has other offices in Philippines, Singapore, U.S, Brazil and UK.

  1. LatentView

LatentView was established in Chennai, India, in 2004 and has since grown into a global analytics company. It enables customers to predict new revenue streams, optimize investment decisions and anticipate product trends through the provision of a 360-degree view of digital consumers.

  1. Convergytics

Convergytics helps companies to get a better view of the market through the application of big data. consequently, companies are able to make better decisions even in the ever changing investment environment. Its main areas of focus are digital analytics, business intelligence, CRM and pricing analytics.

  1. Gramener

Founded in 2010, Gramener is a data analytics and visualization company. It makes data insights consumption faster, simpler and coherent across business enterprises.  Gramener operates in the visualization, data analytics and consulting space.

  1. Cartesian Consulting

Cartesian Consulting was founded in 2009 and aims at becoming a market leader in the promotion of data-based marketing. It focuses on marketing analytics, consumer analytics, channel analytics, margin optimization and digital analytics.

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