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10 Best Video Chat APIs & SDKs In 2023

As you venture into the world of better video and audio communication, APIs and SDKs are crucial. Even after the lockdown of the Pandemic virtual communication has not slowed down. If anything, there is more demand for enhanced visual communication. With video call API and video call SDK offering opportunities to leverage normal calling apps, the sky is the limit. It is not remarkably easier to customize your video calling experiences at a local or international level.

What is a Video Chat API?

When it comes to enhancing communication, APIs provide efficient and non-distorted communication between apps. These application programming interfaces allow the exchange of data seamlessly. A video chat API facilitates a live connection and communication for both audio and visual sharing. It also offers seamless connectivity meaning no major installation is involved. These APIs additionally provide end users opportunities to enjoy a live communication experience with their video calls.

Whether one uses Android or would like an iOS video chat SDK, the possibilities are endless. APIs offer said features for both platforms. All mobile devices including tablets can utilize the iOS video chat API or Android video chat API to develop software. If you are familiar with Google’s Zoom, or Meta’s WhatsApp application you can enhance visual and audio communication easily. Using specific frameworks depending on the job at hand or the required developments, end users can communicate anywhere in the world.

The advantages of the API include:

Efficiency – one can create new functions and develop new ideas faster than would normally be the case. If new apps have been developed with new features in-built, it is easier to enhance them than to begin from scratch.

Security – when you merge the features of an API to an existing application, you get added security as a bonus. With international business meetings, a free video chat API offers enhanced encryption at a fraction of the price.

Top 10 Video Chat API for iOS, Android, and Web

As you ponder which video chat API to use, do not fret. It is easy to select precisely what you seek based on frameworks and operating systems. Incidentally, your video chat API supports iOS, Android, and indeed web-based applications too. Here are the top ten video chat API options for 2023 based on the operating system or platform used.


This helps you create applicable features to enhance the video calling experience for one-on-one or group calling. It can be integrated into Android, iOS, or web-based applications for several uses. Some of the more common applications include education, telehealth or telemedicine, and of course entertainment. ZEGOCLOUD offers supper low-latency and high-quality video calling options. It is a must-have for a business hoping to share visuals in high-quality live video sessions.

Top features include:

  • Facial beautification
  • Screen sharing
  • Group or one-on-one calling
  • High scalability
  • Voice changing and a few other voice enhancement options
  1. Enablex. Io

Another API worth a shot at is Enablex, which places creativity and customization solely in the hands of the developer. This API offers all manner of features that cater to application development to the fullest. It means it provides developers with possibly all they might need to build a professional video-calling experience.

With high scalability and professional features, it is one of the top options for APIs in 2023. Although the development features might seem a bit complex at first, incorporating its features is well worth it. Some of the noteworthy features are listed below.

Top Features include:

  • A fully customizable user interface with useful layouts
  • Link up to two thousand participants in a single video conference
  • Top-notch encryption including AES/512
  1. Twilio

Twilio lets end-users customize their video chat experiences to include tailor-made layouts. Additionally, one can add virtual backgrounds while utilizing video calling APIs. These perform exceptionally well on all browsers and different devices too. This is also a cloud-framed application, of industry standards. The API offers a user-friendly interface with high scalability. This can be used hand-in-hand with your app of choice. It works particularly well as it functions and offers scalability in line with a growing user base.

Top Features:

  • Versatile and large-capacity conference rooms
  • Integration is possible in a couple of minutes
  • Virtual visuals offer animated features
  • Compliance with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations)
  1. Cometchat

Cross-platform development is simplified using Cometchat. This API boasts top-notch documentation and user guides. Demonstration applications are offered for every platform too which makes Cometchat a joy to use. Additionally, it works perfectly for iOS, Android, and web applications.

Thus, it offers video chat API options for one-on-one or large-group communications. You can incorporate these options into the app of your choice using the handy documentation. It is widely affordable due to its packaging options, which include text-based packages.

Top Features include:

  • Text chatting between groups or one-on-one is optional
  • Video conferences are possible with applicable tools
  • Online user/participant notifications
  • Translation options are available – labeled in white.
  1. Sinch

Never has integrated video and voice calling features into apps been this easier. It is possible to have high-quality sound and video experiences, live and in person among large groups of people. The live video experiences are to die for. Using JavaScript features, you can build high-quality voice and video calling options.

This interface allows developers to maximize app features for the best end-user experiences. Some of the better options include encryption capabilities, along with versatility. It can be used for web-based applications and on mobile devices too.

Top Features include:

  • Support on multiple platforms
  • Industry-level reliability
  • Tailor-made filters and masks
  • Broadcast live while ultra-low latency
  1. Apphitect

More commonly used in small and medium enterprises, this API works wonders for large businesses too. Apphitect has a fully-customizable API that allows you to manipulate an app of your choosing. Again, it works wonders for group calls which are crucial for small and large businesses. When the need to create high-quality international calls arises, this API offers high scalability options. Essentially, one can create perfect sessions for webinars as well as presentations. Having to share visuals via screens is possible with screen sharing and other communication tools.

Top Features include:

  • Offers high-quality video and audio communication
  • Works well with any network – including LTE or 3G
  • Can add 100+ participants per conference
  1. Video SDK

Users can merge video calls and integrate necessary features using Video SDK in fewer than ten minutes. Additionally, participants can utilize added functions like whiteboards and polling without compromising quality. With unlimited connectivity for perfect streaming, one can use several platforms.

These include JavaScript, Flutter, and iOS for the perfect app development. Enhancing visuals using this video chat SDK option works well across platforms. Video conferencing is facilitated easily and developers have a breeze integrating all features.

Top Features include:

  • Video recording
  • Swift integration into video and audio calls – less than ten minutes
  • Superior video quality and unlimited channels
  1. Contus Mirrorfly

This API offers advanced communication between users, with encryption and some commendable options. Some of the features like file sharing and super high-quality streaming are perfect for business meetings. This API is compatible with web-based applications, iOS, and Android.

This application offers decent security options like E2E encryption and is also compliant with General Data Protection Regulations. It also boasts a host of features listed below. Incidentally, this API offers hosting space, a feature missing on other commonly used APIs.

Top Features:

  • Easy file sharing
  • Storage of media
  • Incoming call alerts
  • Call history
  • Auto-reconnect after dropped video or voice calls


  1. Vonage

This API is based on WebRTC, popular among several mobile and standalone devices. Apparently, through years of feedback from users, this API boasts the best the market has to offer. These best features apply to live videos and streaming, which is crucial for small and medium enterprises.

All communication carried out under Vonage is fully encrypted with AES/128/256 systems. Using guided coding; one can add a video to a web-based application in approximately four minutes. Even without video development skills, one can add videos using simple HTML in a matter of minutes.

Top Features include:

  • Video recording encryptions
  • Tailor-made video streaming
  • Video analytics
  • Embedded video chats
  1. Agora

Even under low or distorted network conditions, this API works seamlessly. It provides seamless connectivity, adaptively working under weak network conditions. It means even with low connections and low bandwidth, you can create and enjoy live streaming. Agora works wonders for professional video conferencing.

It offers enhancement from basic 90 pixels to upwards of 1080 pixels. This free video chat API thus offers lag and jitter-free connectivity across platforms. Whiteboards and sharing screens are also possible which is excellent for educational and professional uses.

Top features include:

  • Noise cancellation using Artificial Intelligence
  • Voice enhancements
  • Filters and masking
  • High Definition Videos
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