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10 Best Tips To Boost Sales On Your Website


Reviews are extremely important in helping boost sales on your website. They give the customer a sense of security that your product has been tested by others, and it is a high quality product.

85% of consumers trust reviews, and 90% trust reviews above 4 stars.

Amazon review indicating 4.5/5 stars

Make sure to display your reviews either on the actual product page, or in a predictable space on your website where visitors can easily see it while scrolling through the page.


In business, it is always better to close a deal sooner rather than later. If you can take advantage of discounts and promotions to upsell to your client, don’t be afraid to mention to them that they can get an even better deal if they agree to sign up to your services.

Discounts in the 10% to 20% range have a success rate of 28%! This could be the factor that drives your sales over 7 figures at the end of the year.

Capitalize on Holidays

Holidays are a great time to drive traffic to your website. Be sure to take advantage of the season and provide your customers with discounts and promotions on the popular and new products on your website.

Data indicates that the holiday season amounts to an average of 20% of the yearly revenue for most industries.


The goal here isn’t just to make a sale, but to expand your area of reach on the internet. Those new customers buying your products now might come back later to buy more, and that is how you take advantage of the holiday season.

Quality Photography and Video

Have you ever tried shopping online and came across a blurry picture for a product that put you off so much that you decided to shop elsewhere? Well that is because a well-taken photography or video, on average, amounts to 80% of a sales success!

Nowadays our technology is so advanced that most laptops, smartphones, cameras, etc., have actual high quality lenses that would allow for any amateur photographer to take decent pictures. Make sure you take advantage of the easily accessible tools around you and put out an amazing product.

Customer Experience

Today customers are used to shopping online with an extremely high level of convenience. Companies will often go above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction; be it by providing returns without needing the item back, or contacting the customer within 24 hours, offering live chats, and more.

Companies that have extremely high customer satisfaction have reported an increased 60-80% in revenue overtime.

If you are unsure which areas of your website can be optimized for customer experience, we recommend you start with design. Having elements on your website that are easily accessible and convenient will make it an overall better experience for the customer. Not only that, but like we mentioned previously you can install live support on your website and track data to create a better experience.

If you are looking to speak directly with a professional about this, feel free to contact our web design agency and we can audit your website and give you an answer to any questions you might have.

Contact Them Back

This is something often overlooked by new companies. But after the first time you acquire a customer, don’t just sell and forget. A business cannot survive if it sells a product only once. You must create a system that allows you to sell it multiple times or upsell.

Marketing plan to help scale your business

For that reason we encourage businesses to create steps where you can get users to sign up for an email or newsletter, so that you may contact them in the future with discounts and promotions in order to drive them to buy from your store again. This is the basics of email marketing.

Social Media

Social media is another great channel to drive traffic and increase website sales in 2023. Over 59% of consumers use social media. By setting up Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, etc; and creating a link back to your profile you are growing your audience each time you post on those.

Although social media can be a very time consuming task, the reward is very high. Users will often talk about your products to their friends and family, which essentially turns into free promotion for your business.

User scrolling through social media

We recommend at least posting once a week or more. It never hurts to stay connected with your audience.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the strategies used by marketing professionals to increase your website rankings on Google/Bing/Yahoo/etc and drive traffic to your website.

Did you know? 75% of people NEVER go past the first page of Google.

For that reason alone you want to make sure that every page in your website is optimized for SEO. It doesn’t matter if you have the best product on the market if your buyers cannot find you. They will soon go to a competitor website instead.

Just remember, SEO is a long-term game. You won’t always see results right away, but by building backlinks and putting out quality content your website will start to rank on Google.


Advertising is the flip side of the coin to SEO. Where SEO can drive traffic overtime, ads will put you at the top of search results right away, for a price. 

The idea here is that you have to do both in order for your business to really take off. Since advertising can get expensive very fast, it isn’t recommended to just start with ads alone. A mix of SEO/Ads will strengthen your profile and ensure that you rank at the top of Google.

Make sure to do research on which keywords are most beneficial for your business on Google Ads, otherwise you will be paying a lot out of pocket and seeing little return. One such tool we recommend you use is the Keyword Planner in Google Ads.

Keyword planner for Google Ads

This is a FREE tool that you can take advantage of in order to find out the best keywords. 

Our own contact information will be at the bottom of this article if you wish to contact us for Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Amazon Ads, Youtube Ads, TikTok Ads, Instagram Ads and more.


A brand represents an identity for a business. A brand is a concept that exists only in the mind of the consumer, but one that requires real long term effort in order to be built.

The advantages? 86% of consumers prefer to buy products from an authentic brand.

A good example of this would be brands like: Nike, Apple, Starbucks, Dior, etc. Those brands have managed to construct a fan base that will vouch for the brand at every opportunity. This helps drive massive traffic and increase sales.

Brand strategy is something that I often advise small and medium businesses to think about as they grow their services. It involves the design of your website, your logo, the colors you use, the way you talk to your customers, the values your company upholds, and more. It is a full-package of services designed for those who want long term business success.

If you are looking for a brand consultant, you are welcome to contact us below and speak with one of our brand professionals.

Thanks for reading. If you are looking to create a website and boost sales, I will write my business information below and you are most welcome to contact us for support.

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