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10 Best Product Design & Manufacturing Firms

Embark on a journey through the cutting-edge world of product design with our curated list of the “10 Best Product Design & Manufacturing Firms.” From the comprehensive services of MAKO Design + Invent to the customer-focused approach of LA NPDT, we explore each firm’s unique strengths and client satisfaction levels.

Join us as we delve into the challenges and triumphs shared by clients, offering a balanced perspective on the intricacies of product development. Whether you’re a startup visionary or an industry professional, this short guide aims to be your compass in navigating the landscape of innovation. Discover the keys to turning ideas into tangible success with these industry-leading players.

1) MAKO Design + Invent

MAKO Design + Invent has carved out a substantial reputation for providing an array of services from industrial design to mechanical and electrical engineering. They’ve positioned themselves as a go-to for startups and small businesses, with a particular emphasis on innovation and turning new ideas into tangible products.

The strengths of MAKO Design + Invent seem to be in their comprehensive service offerings and their ability to take a product from concept to completion. Testimonials on their own website speak to the satisfaction of clients who’ve been through the entire process with them, stating the positive impact MAKO had on their projects. Clients appreciate the ease of the process, the company’s responsiveness, and the quality of advice given, leading to successful patent applications and product launches.

However, reviews from external sources highlight a mix of experiences. While some feedback is highly positive, detailing the helpfulness and effectiveness of the team at MAKO, others have expressed challenges, noting that sometimes the scope of the work done was not fully communicated or the expectations were not entirely met.

2) Outdesign Co

Outdesign Co. is recognized for its focus on the design, prototyping, and development of innovative physical products, particularly for startups and SMEs globally. They are known to assist clients in turning their ideas into market-ready products that are easy to manufacture and stand out in the market. The core competencies of Outdesign Co. include the design and development of consumer products, electronic enclosures, wearables, pet products, and items for the home and kitchen, with expertise in plastic product design and injection molding.

While the company boasts a presence on various platforms and provides a comprehensive list of services, specific client reviews are not readily available on the sites reviewed. This lack of publicly available feedback could suggest that potential clients might need to seek out more direct testimonials or case studies to understand the experiences of past clients with Outdesign Co. They offer a clear focus on product design and a promise of an eco-friendly approach, which is increasingly important for modern businesses and consumers looking for sustainable options.


GIZMOSPRING stands out in the field of product development, manufacturing, and sourcing with several key strengths that position them favorably in the market. Their specialization in creating beauty and wellness devices, particularly with the use of medical-grade silicone, aligns with current market trends that emphasize both quality and consumer safety. The use of such materials not only enhances the product’s feel and durability but also ensures compliance with health standards, which is critical for user-centric products. Their ISO 13485 certification for medical devices is a significant pro, indicating a level of rigour in their design and manufacturing processes that meet international standards. This certification is especially pertinent for startups looking to enter the medical or wellness sectors, as it adds a layer of credibility and trust to the products developed.

GIZMOSPRING has established itself as an agile and innovative force in the product design industry. They not only offer comprehensive services covering the entire product lifecycle but are also known for their speed and efficiency. Their approach has been known to bring products to market 50% faster than traditional methods, a significant advantage in today’s fast-paced market where speed can be as critical as the quality of the design itself. This capability to accelerate the development process without sacrificing quality underscores their commitment to meeting the demands of modern businesses and entrepreneurs looking for a competitive edge.

In terms of areas for improvement or considerations, the initial perception of a less comprehensive presentation could be seen as a con. However, this could also indicate a streamlined approach focused on core services rather than broad marketing strategies. Potential clients might appreciate a more focused communication style, provided it is backed up by strong end-results and a track record of successful product launches.

4) ManGo Product Design

ManGo Product Design is an award-winning industrial design and engineering agency that offers a comprehensive approach to product development, from initial ideation to final production. Their services are built around a structured ISO 9001 certified design process, which emphasizes delivering affordable, sustainable, and production-ready designs. They also offer prototyping and have a track record of handling complex medical product development. 

Additionally, ManGo has been recognized with international design awards, such as the Red Dot award, German design award, and iF Design award, indicating their designs are not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing.

One of ManGo’s notable projects is the HigoSense telemedicine device, which combines nine medical exams in one consumer-targeted product. This project exemplifies their ability to handle sophisticated optomechanical engineering and their efficiency in moving from design to certification quickly. ManGo’s team has a keen focus on sustainability, integrating it into each project, and they are committed to creating designs that are not only innovative but also remain affordable for mass production.

Their expertise spans various industries, with particular strengths in medical & health, automotive, clean energy, sustainable products, and electronics IoT. They work with a wide array of clients, from startups and scaleups to established multinationals, suggesting a broad insight into technology, design, and social developments.

5) Design 1st

Design 1st is touted for their rich history in design and manufacturing, along with a robust team of specialists in various areas of product development. They bring over two decades of experience, promising an integrated approach that includes design strategy, engineering, and manufacturing support. Notably, their team is equipped with expertise in embedded software engineering and electronic design, ensuring they’re well-suited for modern connected devices and complex technological products. 

Their philosophy centers on customer ownership of ideas and products, and they employ a multi-disciplinary approach to collaboratively navigate the product development process. Design 1st has been acknowledged for their design excellence with over 75 awards and has been instrumental in obtaining numerous patents for their clients. The company maintains a strong commitment to client success and takes pride in being a part of their customers’ journey from concept to market​​.

6) Prototype House

Prototype House has a strong reputation, with a 4.9-star rating from numerous reviews, indicating a high level of customer satisfaction. They’re lauded for their comprehensive product development services, offering everything from initial concept to full-scale production, including packaging and logistics. Clients have praised their technical expertise and ability to provide valuable patent support. 

Their hands-on approach ensures inventors and startups can see their visions come to life with expert guidance. However, specific cons are not detailed in the reviews provided; it is always wise for potential clients to conduct their due diligence and discuss expectations to ensure a fit with Prototype House’s services and process​​.

7) Synectic Product Development

Synectic Product Development is well-regarded in the industry, with a particular strength in medical device design and development. They offer fixed-fee pricing, which clients appreciate for its transparency and predictability when budgeting for product development. Their comprehensive approach covers manufacturing, assembly, and distribution, emphasizing a client-focused process to ensure product success from concept to production. With a Chamber of Commerce rating of 5.0 based on 2 reviews, Synectic demonstrates a strong client satisfaction level​​.

Their partnership with the Mack Group provides clients with access to a broad manufacturing capability, potentially reducing the time to market by an estimated 20%. This integration offers significant advantages in terms of manufacturing capacity and expertise, particularly for high-level assemblies and complex electronics​​.

However, it seems that reviews for Synectic Product Development are not widely present online, which might require potential clients to reach out directly for more comprehensive client testimonials or to engage with the company to understand their service offerings more fully. This could be considered a limitation for those looking for a wide array of public feedback but does not detract from the company’s established track record and expertise​​.


LA NPDT (LA New Product Development Team) is a multifaceted company known for providing comprehensive product design, prototyping, and manufacturing services. They have a reputation for being a one-stop shop that covers all phases of product development, from the initial idea to the final market-ready innovation.

One of the most striking features of LA NPDT is their excellent customer satisfaction, with a 4.9-star rating based on 111 reviews. Clients have praised them for their ability to turn ideas into products effectively, which can be a key differentiator for those looking to develop and commercialize new products swiftly and efficiently. 

The broad service offering and customer-oriented approach are consistent themes in the positive feedback they have received.

While the reviews are overwhelmingly positive, one thing potential clients should consider is that the depth and variety of reviews from external independent platforms aren’t as extensive as some other firms. This does not detract from the company’s proven track record, but it does mean that potential clients may want to engage in more in-depth discussions with LA NPDT to get a fuller picture of what they can offer specific to their needs.

LA NPDT stands out for its commitment to a client-focused approach, ensuring a streamlined and efficient path from product concept to market entry, backed by dedicated project management to guide clients through each phase of the process​​​​​​.

9) Pivot International

Pivot International has garnered positive attention for its technology design and manufacturing services, with a 5-star rating from 3 reviews on Birdeye, which highlights customer satisfaction. The company is known for providing a single source for product development and manufacturing, emphasizing cost efficiency and alignment of business and customer interests. Their project managers are noted for coordinating efforts from design to delivery to help products reach the market with fewer delays, a testimony to their integrated global production model. They are particularly focused on reducing the time to market, ensuring cost-effectiveness, and aligning business and customer interests​​​​.

While Pivot International is not BBB accredited, this does not necessarily reflect the quality of their services, as BBB accreditation is a voluntary action and a business may choose not to apply. The lack of BBB accreditation should be considered alongside other factors such as reviews, the range of services offered, and any personal communication with the company when assessing their suitability for a project​​.

10) Kickr Design

Kickr Design is recognized for providing innovative product design, engineering, prototyping, and manufacturing services. They cater to a wide range of clients, from inventors to large companies, and have a track record of working on diverse projects like automated key lockers, medical devices, and automated lawnmowers. Their hands-on approach aims to convert ideas into fully realized, manufactured products efficiently.

The company’s extensive services and commitment to bringing products to market quickly are well-reflected in their varied portfolio. With expertise in areas such as industrial design, electronics, wireless technologies, and full-scale manufacturing, they present themselves as a versatile partner for product development.

However, the customer reviews on Kickr Design present a mixed sentiment. The BBB website indicates an average rating based on customer reviews, and while some customers express satisfaction, others have raised concerns regarding the costs and project timelines. It’s worth noting that these reviews represent individual experiences and may not reflect the experience of all clients.

When considering working with Kickr Design, it would be prudent to consult directly with the company to discuss your specific project needs, expectations, and to seek out any further references or case studies they may provide​​​​​​.

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